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Jewels 12-28-2008 07:02 AM

God Bless Beta the Discus Fish!
Hi there,
Unfortunately I had a back problem, and fell on my tropical aquarium. It sprung a leak, and was left at half its previous water capacity. Some re-enforced masking tape repaired it, and I put buckets down for the water leaks to keep the floor as dry as possible. I now have a new tank, awaiting fitting etc. My back is all better now, after being pushed into more physiotherapy in hospital than I was happy with. It all worked tho'! No more leg/ back pain, thank God!..........
I lost Beta the Discus, who was the biggest and most beautiful fish of all, also Brutus the Angel ( now replaced/ the female seems to accept him OK). My male/ Snarky the Red-Tailed Shark might be hard to replace, as Hatch the female is big! I find it is possible to sex Sharks from their different swimming styles..........The femal is less fast and more 'laid-back"......I already have 3 Discus/ I'm relying on Delta the little one continuing to grow larger, although he'll probably never catch up to the other 2......I only got a 4th because Delta was getting bullied when smaller. All happy now!
I buried poor Beta alive, and was in tears afterwards! ( I diagnosed death a little early/ before the entire eye had gone white)...but I had to chuckle a few days later....
I realised that what I had buried Beta in was my MONSTERA DELICIOSA potplant (which had been fertilized with fish emulsion!).... He was an ENORMOUS fish, so that plant had some big-time digesting to do!............'HUMONGOUS' fish/ big potplant.......! it's all a bit of a party joke now. I'm still a bit sad about Beta though.........
Happy New Year to you all!
Cheers Jewels

Jewels 12-30-2008 09:34 AM

Is there any cure for Fish TB in the water when starting a new tank?
Hi there,
Unfortunately I have the virus 'Fish -TB' in my old tank. It causes big red lumps on the fish/ kills them slowly and cruelly- and can spread to the lymph nodes if untreated in humans. I've lost my Beta from it I also lost 2 others, but this was probably from too little water and too many fish in my damaged old tank....................
I caught it from contact dermatitis on my hands, and the Dr said that cuts/ contact dermatitis 'splits' on your hands act as a 'portal' for entry to the human body.. Therefore I'd like to eradicate it if possible. This I'd like to do before setting up my new tank. Same old pet fish/ all looking healthy! I now wear gloves when working in my tank, even to hand feed them.........
I'm going to change all the fish into a new tank tomorrow, after accidentally destroying my old one when I fell on it with leg weakness/ secondary to 5 discs with severe disc bulge in my lumbar spine ( the flare-up of a back injury 27 years ago, which a competant chiropractor fixed at the time).
My BIG QUESTION- which I would appreciate an answer to by tomorrow (31/12/08), is does anybody know how to eradicate this disease from the new tank? The antibiotic Doxycycline seems to have removed it effectively from my hand,where it also causes a red lump, and I'm wondering if this would work in the tank (and of course I need the doses!).
My aquarium shop said Tetracycline is the cure, but I've already spent a mountain of money on this with no 'avail'! They also advised me to dry out all my gravel/ buy new gravel; but as I've got undergravel biological filtration in my tank (which works very well), I don't see this as possible.

There are 2 reasons: (a) you need some bacteria in the gravel to keep it working with undergravel filtration.So old gravel is needed in the substrate to keep the biological system working and is therefore necessary......................................... ................................................ and
(b) my temporary tank/container will need gravel for the filtration or I'll lose all 3 Discus! (and maybe others)...................

If I put some treatment in the tank, the Discus are likely to be sensitive to it and die...........If you've read my posts about Ph 'up' and Ph 'down' you'll understand my concerns! SENSITIVE FISH!

ANY suggestions will be much appreciated ! Please respond ASAP if you know, and I'll check prior to even taking the fish out to put into the temporary 'tank'..........................THANX VERY MUCH!
Cheers Jewels

Tyyrlym 12-31-2008 09:03 AM

As far as I know there's no cure for fish TB. I don't doubt lots of people will claim there is but I suspect most of them are just looking to sell something. If there was a cure for fish TB it'd be common knowledge pretty quickly as its a terminal disease.

Sexing sharks, well RTBS can be sexed by looking at their bellies, females are lighter in color on their bellies. I don't know of another way to reliably sex them.

Jewels 01-04-2009 08:19 AM

Hi there,
I'm sure that you can also sex sharks from their swimming styles - The female is very slow and 'laid back' and moves her body very little, whereas the male is fast, frenetic and wriggles lots as he swims...............It's hard to describe but at the shop I showed the fish shop assistant with my hands what I meant, and he followed me well / and agreed....Just watch a definate pair for a while...............You might see what I mean!....
Anyway, thanx for your helpful advice, as I like to keep all my fish in happy pairs.........I'll get belly checking, too!
Cheers Jewels

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