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Wallaby 12-26-2008 08:38 PM

"New" 27 gallon tank! Suggestions?
So I FINALLY got something to put my 27 gallon half hex tank on that looks nice so in the next few weeks I'll be getting it all set up and full of fishies and stuff.
What do you think I should put in it? Right now I have 3 Cherry barbs and 3 False Julii Corydoras, and I'll be adding to their numbers shortly. I can't decide whether I want to move them (would the Cherries be fine with a betta? Or would they nip at him?) into the big tank and get a betta for their current 14 gallon or do something else.
My family would probably be happiest if whatever I put in the bigger tank acted like it related to the family somehow since it'll be in our living room. Any ideas? I've heard that Oscars are very pet-like but wouldn't they get too big for a 27 gallon?

The water I get has a very high pH so that could be a problem... I've never seen it be lower than 7.8, usually it's 8.0.


Cody 12-26-2008 09:27 PM

Oscars are defiantley a no-no. I wouldn't put them in anything under a standard 75G, or a custom built 55 so the depth is wider than 12". Some say 55G, but that's my view.

Like you said, additions to what you have already would be first. I would get probably 6 cories, and 6 *or* 8 cherries. I say or because with 6 you should try to get 2 males with 4 females, and with 8 i would get 3 males with 5 females. The males will dance a lot to gain dominance, and I have heard it is very amusing.

A betta may work, but I wouldn't try it because the barbs tend to be a bit spazzy.

So, I take it after those, you want some sort of centerpiece fish? An angel or even two may work, but it may go after the cherries eventually. Saying hex tanks are taller than they are long.

Or, you can even add to the mix. You could add some hatchets for the top providing you have a tight hood, and with a handful of tetras such as Cardinal (stay near bottom), Neons (bottom), Lemon (Middle-top), etc.

Wallaby 12-26-2008 09:45 PM

Yeah, this tank is really tall. I don't know exactly but it's probably around 27 inches tall...

What about a small kind of rainbow fish? For instance a few Banded Rainbowfish?
I was also considering otos... I'd enjoy the challenge...

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I just read that Banded Rainbowfish need lots of room so scratch that.

Tyyrlym 12-29-2008 01:47 PM

For that size I'd have a decent sized school each of the cherries and the cories and then one nice centerpiece fish. I'd look at a gourami though the cherries might bother it it won't be as bad as they'd bother a betta.

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