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MsFrosty 12-23-2008 12:45 PM

Small Fry Batches
I have five female platies and two males. Two females are sunburst, one male is tuxedo, one female is tuxedo, one male is high fin, one female is high fin and the last female is a mickey mouse of the blueish coloration. All of the females look pregnant and the males are forever sticking close to them. My guppies in my tank have successfully bred but the platys just don't seem to be able to drop the babies. I have two very small fry but I cannot tell whether they are guppy or platy. But there are only two of them. I don't understand why I am not OVERFLOWING with babies yet. :-(

Tank Information:

33 galleon
temp around 80 farenheit
pH is a little hight but not far out of normal
Just did my water change and all is good
I have hornwart, java moss and a couple other plants growing.
I also have CO2 running if that has ANYTHING to do with it (Its the one with the bubbles)

Other Fish In Tank:

Five Guppies
Two Plecos (Friend shut down her tank gave him to me, they get along and get veggie wafers every night)
Two albino Catfish
One Balloon Molly
Four Cardinal Tetreas
One Betta
One random tetra dont know what it is....:shock:
And my MONTSROUS 6 1/2 inch peppered loach (Yes the tank is heated, yes the peppered loach is more coldwater, but he is doing really well and I am working on getting him a buddy for the tank)

Cody 12-23-2008 12:52 PM

I have noticed that with platies, they take a very long time to finally release the offspring. Much longer than other livebearers. Again, this is just from what I have seen. I started with 3 Platies, and it only went to 9 in a year, when I was 100% sure the females were preggo the whole time.

MsFrosty 12-23-2008 12:56 PM

Yeah I purposley bought a HUGE pregnant looking female from the store and she still has not burst. I was reading another forum (I haven't been here for a couple days) and there was something about cross breeding live bearers. Is that possible? Because the two small babies look like the shape of a platy but they have no coloring at all, which is weird because all of my adults are VERY brightly colored.

Cody 12-23-2008 01:07 PM

Yes, you can crossbreed livebearers. But it is impossible to crossbreed Guppies with Platies.

Guppies can crossbreed with Mollies. EX:
Poecilia sphenop (Molly), Poecilia reticulata (Guppies).

Platies can crossbreed with Swordtails. EX:
Xiphophorus maculatus (Platy), Xixphoporus helleri (Swordtail)

MsFrosty 12-24-2008 03:13 PM

Cool, too bad my mollies try to kill everything that is not a molly :| Any idea about the small baby batches?

daquilajmd 04-11-2009 07:54 AM

just had our first baby Platy!
I have a male and female platy. They're bright orange with black tips. I guess these are the sunburst??? Anyway, my female has been huge for quite a while and just about half an hour ago I saw a tiny fry! It was exactly like the parents! The female still looks pregnant. Is it possible this is the only fry so far and there will be more or did the guppies and perhaps zebra danios gobble them up as they came out? I can't even believe I saw the tiny little thing! We separated it from the 20 gal tank into a warm cup of water (first with chlorine remover drops) and it's swimming around vigorously. We're so excited and hope it doesn't die. What do I feed it? I can't believe I'm not more prepared for this. I'm new at the whole aquarium thing, but my boyfriend and I just love it! We've been fairly successful so far with our new hobby.

Please, feed back on the baby ASAP!!!!! Thank you!

kimndjez 04-21-2009 05:30 AM

hi we are new to the whole aquarium thing and one of my guppies was hugely fat and is now skinny and i have noticed alot of baby fish swimming around i count around 18 is this normal and my swordtail is very fat to does this mean she is preg to? and how long till she has babies because i dont have a breeding net or anything they are just swimming in the tank and have been for a week. oh and is my tank big enough i have 2 femal guppies a male guppy 2 swordtail females and one male, the tank is 3 foot?

Chicklet 04-21-2009 06:19 AM

I got a bunch of platies this past weekend from a lady, She was complaining because she hasn't gotten any new babies in months,
I barely got them home and in tanks and they have been having babies ever since,
It seems normal from my experience to sometimes get small droppings that goes on for several weeks from some females, Then they drop the motherlaod, 3 fry, then 4 days later maybe 6, then 3 days 12, followed by another couple days then I get 30 to 60 fry, all from the same female, seems to be mostly from my older females,.

I like to remove my young fry, otherwise alot will end up gettin eaten by the adults,,.

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