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Agent13 06-06-2013 09:42 AM

Need help sexing babys
I'll post pics if it helps but one is most likely too little for egg spots and the other is a baby too but I'm told that one is generally hard to sex till they color up.

I have a sunshine Peacock and a teeny widdle Fuscotaeniatus(sp??? haha) The fusco will be the biggest in my tank when he grows up but I'm thinking if they al start as babys it'll be better ...right? I really really want him....unless he turn into a she lol

They are in a 10g waiting to be sure if they're male along with a red zebra who's pretty little and I want him to grow more before I throw him in the bachelor pad.

I'll add a pic when I get out of this meeting (I'm pretending to work on my computer because this client pissed me off but the phone would give it away :devil: haha)

Agent13 06-06-2013 03:06 PM

Sorry pics of cichlids seem absurdly hard to take. They are FAST!
Sunshine peacock on the bottom..I am not even sure what to look for at this age. I'm used to looking for the egg spots but that doesn't work with these two
This is the best I could get of the Fuscotaeniatus... teeeny little one. Is the fact his pattern in pretty vibrant a clue to being a boy? Forgive my ignorance. I never claimed to be an expert and can't even really find this on cichlid sites( I'm really not good at picking them up and flipping them over...don't want to hurt them)

Would a video of them help. maybe would tht give a clearer shot of them.

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