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catlinadarkmoon 12-21-2008 01:57 PM

i hope this is the right part of the form i have a young guppie he is in a 1.5 to 2 gal tank with a small ghostsrimp and a snale and a zebra denio well i got him two days ago he looked very happy and very healthy beautiful color shine everything i put him in the tank after it was cleaned two days prior the tank has been up for 3 weeks now with no filter he has a small bubble makerto help with air and a plastic plant that was cleaned befor i put him in the water tests out ph 7.4 amonia 0 nitrats 0 so thas is all normal the temp stays around 75 to 80 degrees but heres my problem he has what looks like skin rot he gave it to the pinkie i had in the tank as well and it killed her (a pinkie is a type of minno) i had her in there because he got along with her well and they would swim together yes he is a betta lol but anyways the pet store said that he had it befor we got him we just didnt catch it in time i didnt know hen i seen him its like i said when i got him he looked great my question is what can i do for him he stays at the bottom of the tank and wons swim around much and its getting around hs mouth as well now i really need some help please thank you :cry:

catlinadarkmoon 12-21-2008 04:07 PM

im begging
please im on my knees begging in tears i dont want to lose this guy too its hard ill do anything please just tell me how to help him befor he dies

Kim 12-21-2008 05:37 PM

If you could get a picture that would help a lot. What exactly do his scales look like? Are there open wounds? Also, unless you cycled your tank beforehand (you said you cleaned it 2 days before you got him, do you mean 100% clean, or just a water change?) you may have high nitrIte readings. Could you post those.

Also, what is your water change schedule? Did you get a close look at the fish that died? If so, please describe exactly what you saw. All little abnormalities will be helpful at this point. Again, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you can get one we may be better able to help you.

I'm confused about where you say betta? Did you have a betta in there as well?

catlinadarkmoon 12-21-2008 06:20 PM

the betta is the one that is sck nd iv tryed to get a pic and non come out good enough to show i have no nitrates in my water the other bettes that died died of no known cause no abnomality nothing the pinnki that was in there had the same fungus on her tale but nothing else was worng there are no open wounds nothing to explane what is wrong with him the fungus is white and looks like a cloud srounding points on his scales but i guess i cought him a little late i just checked and he is dead i dont get what it is that he has please help i want to try one last time but i dont want the same prob

catlinadarkmoon 12-21-2008 06:50 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here are the best pics i can get i hope this helps

Kim 12-21-2008 07:49 PM

It's very hard to tell from the photos, but it does look like fungus. If that is the case, treating with an antifungal medication such as Fungus Clear by Jungle Labs should clear it up if it should happen again.

How often do you do water changes, and how much water do you change each time? A tank that size will probably need a 100% water change every few days or so.

onefish2fish 12-21-2008 10:13 PM

i recommend searching for a cheap/free fish tank. setting it up, cycling it, and transfering your fish over to it. your 1 or 2 gallon fish bowl is OVERSTOCKED, this is probably the source of the problem. i would also look into a heater and filter for the tank to, just make sure the tank actually cycles before fish go in. Please do NOT add anymore fish to the tank you have now, and if you need help "cycling" ask and theres some good threads on here about "fishless cycles" that you can type into the search bar and find results.

catlinadarkmoon 12-22-2008 09:40 AM

i am gettin a 30 gal for my guppies and will have the 10 gal they are in for breeding and will hav a unsed 5 gal ill set up for the betta and zebra danio

Cody 12-22-2008 11:37 AM

As stated, that is a fungal disease. I would not add any meds into his tank untill he is in a proper, filtered home where the treatment will work and can be spread and diluted.

A heater set to 82-85 degrees should help it out a bit. I had a few fungal infections of my old platies, and I raised the temperature to almost 87 degrees with treatment. It went away very quickly.

Good luck with your betta.

Kim 12-22-2008 02:33 PM

Cody, I think you missed the part that he is dead :(

Catlinadarkmoon: A cycled 5 gallon is a perfect betta home, but I wouldn't put the zebra danio in there as well. Instead, I would put him in the 30 gallon with the guppies. They really are active fish and need space to swim. Also, I don't know how many guppies you have, but zebra danios are schooling fish and I would get him more friends if space allows. Do you know how to cycle your tanks?

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