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Jay Ack 12-21-2008 09:31 AM

Tire Track Eel emergency......
I have a 85 gal tank and my tire track eel is about 6 inches. He ate 9 of my neon tetras that i put in there and now his stomach is hugeeeeeeeee. he doesnt move as much as he used to, what can i do to help him out or do i just have to wait for him to digest all that fish.

Matt 12-21-2008 07:29 PM

Have you ever been to a Buffet with amazing food? ate a ton? Felt like relaxing for a while afterwards?

Well, your eel had a Neon Tetra Buffet and is Full lol :lol:

(atleast thats my guess)

iamntbatman 12-21-2008 09:29 PM

I agree. Make sure he doesn't eat anything for a couple of days. If he still looks bloated after a few days, you could try to feed him some frozen daphnia to see if that will clear it up.

However, I would probably guess that he'll be fine after a while on his own. At least now you know that eels and neons don't mix!

Jay Ack 12-22-2008 12:43 AM

he died after 6 days having a belly like that. i found out that tire track eels eat feeder fish. and to them neons are no different then guppees or gold fish lol. oh well what can i do now it died theres nothing i can do. all i did was make sure the water was in perfect condition to let it try to relax but i guess hes body couldnt handle 7 neons.

dramaqueen 12-22-2008 07:43 AM

I'm sorry about your eel. :(

Matt 12-22-2008 08:08 AM

sorry bout that

Jay Ack 12-22-2008 10:21 AM

do you guys know if i can keep clown knife fish with discus and black ghost fish? i have a 85 gal tank. all my fish eat bloodworms. i also have a couple parrots as well.

Cody 12-22-2008 11:25 AM

A clown knife may be risky, because of the immense size they can reach (36-40"). I wouldn't try it in anything less than a 150/200G. If you ever get a tank that size, it will work since compatibilty is fine.

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