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Kim 12-20-2008 01:21 PM

Guppies are cured-I think
Ok, so I have some guppies that had internal parasites. Unfortunately, quite a few died before I found out what it was, and more have died even since I started medicating them. I tried Parasite Clear (in the water and in a solution which I soaked their food in to feed to them directly) and a medicated food that I made myself from a dewormer. Every time, they would have brown poops during and for a little while after the medication, and then the white poops would come back shortly after the course of meds was done. Well, I finally ordered one more med thinking that the parasites were resistant to the meds I was using (couldn't find any with different active ingredients around here), but today I looked into the tank to see brown poop coming off the one guppy who had started having white poops again after the last course of meds :-D! I was so surprised. The other one has had brown poop for a little while now, but I was hesitant to move him into my other tank until I new that they were both cured. I also noticed some brown poop on a plant!

But, I am still hesitant to move them over because I know how bad these parasites are. On the other hand, I really need them out of my quarantine tank, and my other guppy in the 15 gallon is really lonely by himself. (Yes, I know he SHOULD be fine, but I have known this fish his entire life and he was never this stressed even when he was in terrible conditions in my brother's room. The other fish in the tank all are really healthy, so I believe that he is just lonely.) So, what would you do? They look fine, all signs point to the fact that they are healthy, but I am still worried. Thanks.

Kim 12-20-2008 03:28 PM

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Here are the fish in question. Yes I know they are pathetic :roll:. But...I still couldn't let them die. Um...the slightly colorful one is a male. Don't inbreed people!

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Twistersmom 12-20-2008 07:06 PM

Never heard someone get so excited over poop!!! Just joking.
Was it the clout that did the trick? Don't know when its ok to move, since im just now going through my first experience with IP. Glad to hear yours are doing better! Nice save!

Kim 12-20-2008 08:41 PM

Haha...oh well.
No, I haven't even gotten the clout yet which is why it struck me as so wierd that they would suddenly be "better." The only thing that I can guess is that the last medication that I had given them is still in their system and has finally erradicated the last of the parasites. Like, maybe there were still a few, hence the white poops, then the meds finally won and they died.
All I know is that a little while after I posted the pictures I checked in again to see another brown poop, so I'm not just imagining it.....odd

Kim 12-21-2008 01:42 PM

Anyone know if it is safe to add them to my 15 gal? Please?

Kim 12-21-2008 03:40 PM

Well, after some research I didn't find anything that suggested otherwise, so I just added them to my tank. And right before I added them I saw the female have another brown poop which helped squelch my fears. I was very careful to not get any water cross-contamination because I was still worried that there might be "something" in the tank. Well, my male guppy who was already in the 15 gal. was so happy that I thought he was going to have a heart attack trying to attract the girl's attention! It is already apparent that I'm going to need to get another female to take his attention away from her so much. The little deformed male set right to work muching on some algae and swimming through the plants. Well....after he gave me a hard time getting put of the net! I kept trying to gently invert the net so he would be out, and he would turn around and swim right back it!!! Silly guy. They are both fine now though and don't show any signs of stress (clamped fins, etc.). So, I will be off to bleach the entire 10 gallon soon and get it ready to be a QT tank. I'll probably add another female guppy along with the 2 sparkling gouramis that I was planning. Then the tank will finally be finished!!! Yay :)

Update: Just checked on them again and the male was really stressing out the little female. So, I turned off the lights early to give her some rest. I hope he settles down by tomorrow because I still need to get another female and quarantine her before adding her to the tank. Sigh...why can things never be easy!

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