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LadyKeiva 06-05-2013 09:48 AM

Can't find a place to buy Blackfin Corys

I've been searching high and low looking for some Blackfin Corydoras. None of my LFS carry them, nor have I seen them on AquaBid. I've checked LiveAquaria,, Thatpetplace, and thewetspot's site.. None of them carry the Blackfins.

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of these?

(NOTE: I'm planning on putting a group of these in my tank along with Sterbai cory. Any other warmmer water tolerant cory suggestions in place of the Blackfin would be welcomed as well ^,^. Their future home can be found in my tanks listed. )

Thanks =)


Byron 06-05-2013 10:46 AM

Most cory species are wild caught, and this means they will only normally be available at specific times of the year. Most countries in South America now have laws regarding when aquarium fish can be collected, and these are intended to ensure the various species are not over-fished and wiped out. A second factor that sometimes comes into play as well can be the specific area where a species is found. Many of the cory species are endemic to one particular stream and found no where else, so access to this or that stream location may be hampered by weather or whatever.

I acquired my group of C. leucomelas several months ago, I can't remember exactly when, but they were imported by the store direct from Peru and probably after the spawning season. Sometimes you need to track down a specialist importer. One good source for corys is a place in southern Florida, USA called Corys-R-Us, here is their website:
Corys "R" Us - Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, C-numbers, Scleromystax

I've never used them, as I don't live in the US and shipment can be problematic, but from what I have heard I believe they are reliable. I just had a look and C. leucomelas is listed but "sold out." But they seem to have them when they are available, so you might send them an email to see if they know when more may be in.


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