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mattmathis 12-18-2008 10:40 AM

Starting 10 gallon planted
Just a few more questions...

Thanks to those who responed on other posts. This is an attempt to get it all into one post, instead of having quesions scattered around.

Question 1
I am shorter on cash than I previously thought but I do now want to sacrafice on lighting. So I have an idea and I would like to know if this wont work for any reason. I have a 48in 40 watt fixture with a sun-glo bulb that I am using on my 70 gallon fish only tank. I usually run it from 8am to 8pm. So I figure that I could just set it up on the 10 gallon tank when I turn it off at 8pm and let it run there for a while.

How long should I let it run for these plants?

The plants I am getting to start are:

Java Moss
Java Fern
Sunset Hygro

Question 2
I am planning on using Seachems Flourish line. Is there any need to go all out and follow
This schedule?(Minus day 7 - my water is pretty good)
Or should I just go with Regular Flourish, Iron, and Nitrogen?

Question 3
Also, I have read of people taking the carbon bag out of there filter on planted tanks. Is this a good idea?


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