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Sylverclaws 06-05-2013 05:44 AM

What kind of Guppy is this?
Well, I got myself a new guppy to go with my...guppies. LOL Anyways, I got her at a shop where they are rather famous for mislabeling, or not fully labeling, their fish species. They're also very good at mixing them up, I've seen Endler's called fancy guppies. Neon and Cardinal Tetras mixed up, and even had a blue dream danio being mistaken for a cardinal tetra...just about everything has been mixed up at one time or other.

Anywho, she was just called "Female Guppy" and I got her for $1.29. She was the ONLY one of her kind that looked like that. She's all blue, yellow, red and green. Female Guppy and Fancy Guppy just don't do it for me, surely they have a name! I've just been calling her a rainbow guppy. Many don't care what type they're called, but I am curious. She's also expecting, and I am very hopeful she will have at least a couple boys. I breed a lot of livebearers, and for some reason I rarely get boys. Having a male with those colors...oh yes please. :3 Only four of the hundreds I've raised the last two years have been males for just about all my livebearers, and the only boys I have gotten...were platies. One of said platies wanted in the photos. He's visibly turning male, and he's fairly young for it. About four months old I'd say, and that's a month or two too young for it. LOL

Anywho, photos first, they're not so great but I tried, sorry.

And the video, which I got the photos from, it's impossible to get good shots, I tried for an hour, she didn't like the camera! By the way, in case anyone is wondering, they're all in my planted 55 gallon tank. lol I tried to brighten this video, but I think it may have made it...grainy. =-= But she is seeable. :3

I don't think it's done brightening yet, but should be within half an hour of this posting. The original photo for the vid is done though, that's a nice shot.

fish monger 06-05-2013 06:53 AM

She's a pretty fish; however, I think it would take an expert to tell you what strain or combination of strains she is. We have some guppy gurus here, so maybe they'll offer some insight.

I usually get more males than females with my platys. It has been reported that higher temperatures tend to produce more males with egg layers. I don't know whether this follows with live bearers, but my tanks tend to be just a tad on the warm side. Again, our experts will be able to give you more definitive information. I'm speaking totally from personal experience / hearsay.

Fabi 06-05-2013 07:17 AM

Well Gups you got there :)

Sylverclaws 06-05-2013 07:19 AM

Well, if push comes to shove, I'll just continue calling her a Rainbow Guppy. That seems fitting, if nothing else. lol

And yeah, I suppose my tank is a tad on the warm side for platies, I keep it at a steady 78 degrees in there. Maybe that's why. But with my mollies I haven't had even a single male! Not one! I dunno about the swords yet, they're too young to tell and are the first I've raised. =p They're only about five months old, born on New Years Day. I don't think they show until they're about eight or nine months, or so I've heard!

I forgot to mention, this is my 55 gal, and most of those juveniles will be sold to new homes in a month or so. They're almost big enough, but I was told not quite. I look forward to having some of my tank back soon, I gotta say. There's about fifteen or so that have to go. =P I bet my adults do too. My two blue rams and the four, soon to be five, cardinal tetras will have the twenty gal after that to themselves. ;D You probably didn't see the ram real good, just a butt shot of the male under the net for half a second. LOL Just for those of you who want to tell me I'm over-stocked. Yeup. >_>; I need a second 55 gallon for raising.

fish monger 06-05-2013 07:45 AM

Know what you mean about freeing up tank space. All but one of my tanks contain platys . I even put some in one of those clear storage totes to free up space. Needless to say, there are babies in there now too. I have become too tender-hearted to use them as feeders and my wife loves them. This is all my doing so, within reason, I need to provide well for them. To my defense, I've never had such a population explosion with live bearers in the past. Nevertheless, to all of the live bearer beginners out there, be prepared.

1077 06-05-2013 08:10 AM

Look's to me to be cross between Green cobra and who know's?
Species are heavily crossbred,inbred.
Fish on the right in 1st photo, look's to be young platy.

Sylverclaws 06-05-2013 08:20 AM

Green Cobra mix...hrm, you never know when you mix them up, I suppose. I have gold dust/dalmation molly mixes that came out oddly colored. Calico colored if anything, some are orange, black and white. lol

As for the young platy, that's one of my white calico babies. =) I also have a blue MM platy baby, and a Blue/Red tiger platy mix. It came out all blue with a red and black dorsal fin and a twinbar tail with black markings here and there and a few gold platies in there somewhere with my red painted swordtail babies...yeah, I had an odd explosion of kids a few months ago, and I hate giving fry to shops, they rarely last. ><

RackinRocky 06-13-2013 01:45 PM

Very pretty, whatever she is! I bet she'd have some GORGEOUS babies! Pick a nice male for her!

Sylverclaws 06-13-2013 07:54 PM

I wish I could! All the really pretty males are 6-9 dollars here or far more, and you -have- to buy them in a male and female pair or they wont sell them, which would put me way over-stocked with males. I have a neon yellow male, and though I wouldn't call him stunning or beautiful, he's more ordinary, he is a nice guppy. I used to have a blue male, but he died. =( My Yellow isn't interested in the guppy females either. lol He likes my mollies. Well, he hasn't been much on them lately either. It'd be lovely to get some colorful males though, with the rainbow females colors especially. She looks a tad pregnant, so I'm keeping an eye on her. :3

Sylverclaws 06-30-2013 12:31 PM

Yay, she's having babies. :3 Since I got her, she's slowly gotten bigger, and today she popped! I gently scooped her into a big net with plants and put in a tad of stress coat+ just in case. She doesn't seem upset about it, it's a large net for her and I'm building some larger ones myself that are properly sized...added plants and hiding in them, moms usually don't mind it in there unless they're my larger mollies or swords, the rest seem to not care. lol I found a handful of them and put them in my nursery first, she's still pretty huge herself. I'm hoping for about 30-50 more, she's that big and the babies are small with guppies! :3 Normally I don't really put them in nets to give birth though, occasionally...but these babies are so tiny and nigh invisible unless up against the glass behind the net like they were...and in a 55 gallon planted tank full of livebearers...yeah, safe over sorry. I want these kids. :3

Wish me luck, I'd like a few more like her. I just have to make room in my nursery, so I'm gonna give most of my older kids that aren't big enough for the main tank away today. I have a planted 20 gal nursery tank. x)

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