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BORGUSX 12-17-2008 03:49 PM

Semi-Dying Amazon Swordplants!
Well,my problem is that I left my Amazon Swordplants outside of water for a long time and I put it in the fish tank and now,I notice that the leaves lost color,but the bottom part of the plants have a "greener color"! This happened a few weeks ago since I put them back into the fish tank!

1.Now,I put a nutrient tab and I put the light on for about 8 hours,but I don't see any change,so should I still hope or give up?

2.Do you know why Amazon Swordplants can't live outside of water specifically,since I know aquatic plants have different adaptations for their environment?!

By the way,there was one Amazon Swordplant that I didn't take out which is still healthy looking!

BORGUSX 12-17-2008 04:41 PM

Sorry for my double-posting,but I see no edit button for my original post!

I am going to post a picture of an algae of some sort of you guys can help identify it,it is a fuzzy,gray thing that grows on my driftwood and it like to attach itself to plant roots!

By the way,I got a plant that in a spongy like substance in a small,bucket-like container,what is the spongy material?

SinCrisis 12-17-2008 06:37 PM

uh i think ur talking about getting ur plants in wool. The fuzzy algae could just be harmless growth on ur wood, i ahve it too and my fish nip at it and usually it disappears completly after a little while. The bottom of ur plants is prolyl greener cuz all the water content in the plant probably went ot the base to try and keep itsself alive. Also u wont see and improvement in 8 hours. Worse case scenario is taht ur old elaves dye off from being dry and new ones grow back over time.

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