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andulrich4all 12-10-2008 06:57 PM

What size??
Hello everyone.

Well I eventually plan to get into saltwater, still doing my research and what not so I got a question on your opinion for the size I should get.

I first was thinking about getting a 55G.
What do you think. I talked to some people about it and have heard so many different answers I don't know which to do.
I have heard it is not deep enough from front to back?
Also have heard it is to tall from top to bottom where you can not properly light the tank.(If this is true, could you just build some base rock on the bottom and have the live rock on top?)

What are your opinions?
I am debating between a 30G, 55G, and 75G.
75 seems pretty big and 30 seems small.
I don't think I want 30G because I want to get a hippo tang and possibly a yellow tang.
Main reason I do not like the 75 is because of how much more it is going to cost...

What do you think?

Thanks so much!!

SK8URDEAD 12-11-2008 09:48 PM

get a 62g. i have one :) and am happy with it. i also have a 80 gallon that i got for $100(bought it off my old biology teacher). so my word of advice. talk to school teachers lol. or go on craigslist. but if you want some average size fish or just uncommon good fish go with 50g+

onefish2fish 12-12-2008 02:07 AM

i recommend the 75.

a standard 75 is the same dementions as a standard 55 except greater in width.
lighting isnt an issue depending on what you wish to keep. metal halides or even t5s shouldnt have a problem lighting the tank and offering a fairly broad selection in corals.

the bigger the tank (or the more overall volume in a system, for example + a sump) the more stable the water.

ive heard that if price is an issue your better off having the ultimate freshwater tank, as saltwater can get expensive fast.
your best bet would be to find a local reefing club. they are great for learning new things, meeting new people interested in the same thing, and picking up used equipment and coral frags for cheap and sometimes free.
my club is $12 a year and it has paid for itself 1000x already.

you could always do the 30 to lower your cost but will not be able to have a hippo or yellow tang. i say either tanks going to cost alot so you mine as well research EVERYTHING and while your doing this save up for what you really want instead of buying what you think you want and wanting to upgrade a month later.

please take your time, research, research, research.

Matt 12-19-2008 10:07 PM

I say go for the 75g. You can get more kinds of fish then you can in a 30g. As in what 1f2f said, 30g = no hippo or yellow tang.

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