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usmc121581 08-11-2006 09:57 AM

Tap Water!
Everyone that has or had an aquarium knows the easiest and cheapest way to fill it is from the tap water out your sink. But do you know what is really in tap water bedside’s Chlorine (which is not good for human consumption) and Chloramines. There are 261 contaminants and out of that 141 of the contaminants is unregulated. For a full list of contaminants in tap water go to this site: Tapwater Database They will have a list of all 141 contaminants and what each one is.

For example I was testing my tank for weeks and could not figure out way my nitrates were always around 40-80ppm and phosphates were always 1.0ppm. So I tested the tap water and was shocked to find out that it contained 40ppm of nitrate, 1.0ppm of phosphate, and .25ppm of ammonia. So I thought I was helping my fish by doing a water change when in doubt I was actually hurting them. You have the right to go to your water treatment plant to get a list of what’s in your water and how much of it is present. Now when I do a water change I use store bought bottle water/distilled bottle water. It's more expensive, but you will enjoy knowing that you are not putting contaminants back into your tank.

For any questions, feel free to pm the moderator.

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