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karaim 12-09-2008 11:28 PM

Placement of Corals
I plan on setting up a reef tank (currently have a FOWLR) and I am just looking for some general information regarding placement of corals. I don't know much about corals and am doing my research right now, but can somebody tell me how far apart corals are supposed to be placed from one another? As far as I know, corals can fight amongst themselves, thus how much space should one leave between 2 different corals?

What if it is the same coral, but just different colonies (let's say I get 2 button polyps from different sources) - can I place them close together or will they fight amongst themselves as well?

Would it be best to leave 1 coral per rock? If so, can't the coral just spread to other rocks? Also what I don't understand is how I often see pictures with corals packed together in a nano tank and the tank seems to be thriving.

Thanks for any help.

Cody 12-10-2008 04:39 PM

Coral placement all depends on what type of coral it is.

In your example, it is fine to have two button polyps (zoas) right next to each other. I have 5 different kinds all in a corner.

Some corals can sting, some can't, some will overgrow others, so will nuke others... it all depends on the corals.

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