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jennesque 06-03-2013 06:24 PM

Eastern Newt tank set up.
Hey, I got this 3D background to put in my 28gal tank.. I plan on moving my eastern newts into this tank. Here's the same background I just got:


It's only like 12" tall though, my tank is like 18" tall.. Still trying to figure out how that'll work out.

I want to have it filled with like 7" or so with water.. I want to have plants planted in the substrate growing up and emergent out of the water. Not sure what plants to use at all, but I've got a couple extra swords, and some alternathera.. Also will have some Brazilian pennywort, if that'd work at all. I'm not really sure where to go with planting. But I was curious if I should use a soil substrate capped with sand, or just sand with root tabs? I've got a filter I can move over to this tank before it forms any sort of bacterial colony.. Not sure how important it is to cycle a newt tank though honestly. So I'm not sure if it'd be dangerous to use soil...

Also, as far as 'stretching' the look of the height of the background, I figured if I used a few inches of substrate in the back of the tank that'd allow some height and then with a black background maybe.. It won't look terrible lol

jennesque 06-11-2013 08:00 PM

No one answered, so I figured it out on my own! Here's the set up completed - for now. I think I need to trim back the leaves that are dipping down into the water.. and I plan on adding some dwarf lily/lotus plants in the water part. The divider is not water tight intentionally so there is water throughout the whole tank.

Does anyone know if I can possibly add either some feeder fish, or maybe some quickly multiplying fish that my newts could eat the fry of? I'm not sure if guppies would work in this cold of water.. and I'm not really familiar with any cold water fish other than the goldfish which is obviously not a good choice. And can I put some meal worms in the water for them to eat? So far I've been feeding frozen bloodworms and live ghost shrimp.

jentralala 06-11-2013 10:38 PM

I've seen people keep endlers guppies with amphibious predators, but I don't know how comfortable they'd be in cold water. You could set up a ten gallon 'breeding' tank, with guppies.

I dunno, really, but your tank is awesome, and super inspiring! I've been tossing around the idea of newts, I'm currently working on a riparium/paludarium thing, and I've been pondering what could go in it. But I think the temps here in FL are too hot :(

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