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aklick 06-03-2013 05:05 PM

taiwan moss
Do any of you know what this is growing on my Taiwan Moss? My plant has gotten huge and is starting to turn brown. I think it's because I didn't keep up with trimming it. Any idea what this stuff is growing on it?

Byron 06-03-2013 05:33 PM

If you are referring to the strands in the top/centre of the photos with little "lumps" along them, it is Bladderwort. Some people think of this as algae, but it is a true plant, in the genus Utricularia. There is another thread about this from the past week or two, though I can't remember what was posted in it.

I rather like this plant; I had it suddenly appear in two of my tanks, up among the floating plants. Thought at first it was a string or hair algae, but then learned what is actually is. It can make quite a lovely floating plant. They flower, though I've not had this occur.

They are carnivorous, which is probably why some aquarists dislike them. Not something you want in fry tanks, because while they might or might not eat very small fry, they do eat daphnia and infusoria, a prime food source for fry. And of course, moss is the ideal "home" for such small critters, so it is not surprising the bladderwort appears there. The genus name comes from the "utricles" which are bladder-like organs (hence the common name) that are hollow chambers that can sense prey and then open to suck it in, so to speak.


ao 06-03-2013 07:01 PM

these are utricularia gibba... one of the more pesky bladder worts. it's cousin, utricularia graminifolia on the other hand is a well sought after carpeting plant that sells for about $20 for a small portion ;)

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