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Tarutan 06-02-2013 08:37 AM

New additions to my tank
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So my 10 gallon tank finally finished its cycle and I ran out and excitedly got a neon blue dwarf gourami along with a couple new plants for my tank. On this photo you can see my 2 platties(sunset and Micky mouse), African dwarf frog, and a neon blue dwarf gourami.

Plants I already had in there were water wisterias, moss ball, cryptocyrne and 2 anubia barterie broadleaf rooted to driftwood. I added what the guy claimed to be water sprites but am not sure what they really are, do they look like water sprites to you? Tried to float them but they didnt float and instead sunk over the anubias on the left of the tank. In the back I added two stems of that plant with umbrella shaped plumes, what is this one called?

I have also been considering removing the castle. It is the only decor I would consider putting in the tank other than plants. I love the castle and I thought it would give my fish caves to hide in but they never go inside... At all. Not even the gourami as far as I've noticed and I read that gouramis like caves to hide in. With it being unused and taking so muh space, is there any other kind of centerpiece type plant you guys can recommend replacing the castle with?

SeaHorse 06-02-2013 09:50 AM

Funny as soon as I saw the pic I thought, "Gasp"... "Love that castle! I want!" Especially with all the plants around it. I think a Sword may be too big over time... Do you have another tank if your plants get too big?

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