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xcracer 11-29-2008 07:36 PM

White worms
hey everyone i have a 25L planted shrimp tank and i have noticed for a while some very very very very small white things that sit on the glass all around the tank.. sorry they are too small to take a photo of, at first i thought it was just from the previouse algae problem i had (hair algae i think) and i thoiught it was just white stuff from them but fro mcloser inspection i found out that alot of these little white specs are wormlike creatures that are
either eating my algae WOOHOO!!! or eating my plants when im not looking :mad: if anyone else has encounter a similar problem please help me out..
i know you may think i am confusing these worms with baby shrimp but they are not shrimp at all,

SolaceTiger 11-29-2008 11:10 PM

Do you have fish in the tank taht you feed? If so, these might be planaria... little worm liket hings that come out of nowhere if you have to much rotting food in your tank. Try looking those up on google or something, and see if that's what yours look like.

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