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PamC 11-29-2008 12:38 PM

Fish Turned Black during vacation
Hello new to this forum I have a few questions for those that may have had the same experience. A little quick history. Last night we returned from a week long vacation to come home to find our fish tank in trouble.
Looks like there was a power failure during our absence, we have no idea what day that happened on, we left on Saturday and returned on Friday.
The only filtration system on the tall ten gallon tank requires to be primed when power is interrupted. We also had a battery operated feeder for the fish and expected a bit of overfeeding during our absence.
One fish, a emerald green catfish, was deep gray or light black and was laying on the gravel. When my husband went to remove him the fish barely moved and would roll over. So we removed him and put him out of his misery. The other emerald green looked fine last night, maybe just in contrast to his buddy, however this morning he developed a bit of a black/gray hue across his green - blue scales.
I have looked through the internet and believe it is the ammonia/nitrite burn, since the filter was not running and the feeding had continued.
The water has been changed and we will continue to do small changes daily. I bought another filter system that does not need to be primed and have the two filters running in the tank until I get the water cleaned up. And we are looking into a back up power source for occasions such as this.

However has anyone had a fish survive the ammonia/ntrite burn and do fine or should I put him out of his misery?

Also did the good bacteria survive on the bio filter in my original filter system or is this tank going to recycle?

Since the water flow had stopped there would not be any oxygen or food flowing to the bacteria. I have a Black Ghost Knife that seems to be doing fine however since she is black, I can not tell if she is burnt and I do not think she could handle the cycling process. Yes I know a small tank for BGK however we have a year to find a deal on a large (100gal+) tank.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Twistersmom 12-12-2008 09:28 PM

Dont know all your answers, But we had a bad storm that took our power out four five days. Ammonia levels where on the rise. Luckly i was home to do some partial water changes. The cycle started right backup when power was restored. Next day test reading where all good.

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