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MollyPlatySwordtailfish 11-28-2008 08:35 PM

R.I.P My Unnamed White Molly Fry
My white molly had just given birth to a beautiful batch of white fry. I was so happy(white mollies are my favorite). As I watched one swim happily, exploring the world. I see one of my bigger fish come near it and follow it around for a little bit. Then out of noware it just snatched it right in the water and ate it!! I Couldnt believe what I just saw! I was Horrified to say the least. So quickly I took the fish and the other one I have that is just likle it and put them both in an unheated 10 gallon tank. I was so upset but I got over it because I remembered that there were more fry still in the tank. I would ask somebody if they could, to Identify the fish that ate it. I still have the 2 of them. Here is a picture of one:

willow 11-29-2008 05:17 PM

aww sorry that happend,looks like a danio in the picture,
however i've no good track record for IDing fish.
you will nearly always come across this happening in a tank,
even if it is heavily planted. the only option if you want to keep
the fry is to remove them to a cycled tank of their own.
good luck with the others.

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