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Pasfur 11-28-2008 03:35 PM

One paragraph prevents most problems
One thing i notice on these forums is that the majority of problems in marine aquariums can be prevented if the aquarium is set up properly to begin with, and if the proper cleaning routine is followed.

This topic frequently leads to a discussion of wet dry, hang on, or other forms of biological filtration. Frequently disagreements arise when the hobbyist is told to remove all forms of biological filtration. Often, someone asks for references to support the claim that biological filtration should not be used on a marine aquarium that contains live rock.

Well folks, today is your day. This reference comes from Charles Delbeek in the January 2009 issue of Aquarium Fish International, pg. 76. I trust that Mr. Delbeek will be an acceptable reference. ;-)


"It is well known that live rock alone can adequately handle the biofiltration needs of all but the heaviest biologically loaded systems. My advice has always been to remove any other biological filtration media from filters and to frequently clean any mechanical filters. Throw in a protein skimmer... and you are good to go in most instances."

Another disagreement comes with how to properly use mechanical filtration. The definition of "frequently clean" is often debated. Hobbyists who use canister filters often are upset when told to clean the filters several times per week. So, here is another quote from Mr. Delbeek:


"Cleaning any filter floss, filter pads, filter socks and so on several times a week might be one solution to keeping the nitrates low."

Cody 11-28-2008 04:19 PM

100% agreed. Can't say much more than that...

Great post Pasfur. :-)

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