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Dmitroid 11-28-2008 07:17 AM

Soon to be Melbourne customer - Detritus query

I have sent you a few emails already. Sorry if im a pain but i just stumbled along this forum and figured ide shoot you another question. I am very excited about purchasing an Aquaripure for my FW goldie tank but with the current piece of SH&$ Australian dollar, im looking about $450 for a small unit with postage so i wanna be sure the thing is going to last!!

1. I was wondering about detritus. The tubes are quite small and the chamber that holds the magic seems to be un-openable so will also be un-cleanable. All aquarists are well aware of the existance of detritus as we have to remove it from our tubes, substrate and filter media all the time. If we cant open the Aquaripure unit, how do we free the media and internal cavity of detritus/mulm or other organic build ups? Or are these things unable to survive the noxious atmosphere?

2. I had an argument at St Kilda Aquarium today (note to public DO NOT BUY FROM THERE!!) the owner tried to confuse me when i spoke about the clever little device and was coming back with a problem for every great feature of the Aquaripure i was raving about! He said that the wattage is not compatible, the device would burn out because its not designed for Australian power points and it would create too much phosphates. I would like to note he had never even heard of it, or even looked it up. I ended up having a screaming match after he started making things up to confuse me and stormed out! LOL wont be going back there.

I think thats all for now, if i have anymore questions i will post and i CANNOT WAIT to own an Aquaripure! At 500 Australian dollars a unit tho and so close to Xmas, alas i feel i must wait!

I eagerly await your response!


aquatramp 12-06-2008 03:27 PM

Gez......for that kind of money, I could do a lot of water changes.

aunt kymmie 12-06-2008 03:31 PM

Hummmm...for that kind of money I'd buy another tank!
You'll have to let us know how effective it is after you have it up & running.

Aquaripure 12-13-2008 05:45 PM


Sorry it took so long to reply. I think I already answered this in an e-mail from you but I will answer it again.

First let me address the naysayers.
1) To Aquatramp, Yes, it will replace a lot of water changes AND save you money AND save you time. Maybe you are the type of person who would rather wash dishes by hand and don't believe in dishwashers either ... to each his own.

2) To Aunt Kymmie, I am even not sure what you are saying with your comment? If you want to see what real people say about the product go to Testimonials

Honestly, I don't know why people insist on criticizing a product they do not own and have absolutely no experience with. If you'd rather do water changes then fine but why all the hate people???

The pump would burn out if it were a standard US pump rated 110v/60hz. However, I do in fact have 220v/50hz pumps with an Australian plug suitable for Australian use. These will NOT burn out in Australia.

About the detritus, I think I answered this before on here somewhere but I can't find it. The Aquaripure breaks down 100% of all organic material entering it into gasses and so it never needs to be opened and nothing needs to be cleaned or changed. Occasionally bacteria might build up around the flow valve or tubing but running a little hot water through it will clear it out. If you follow the directions this shouldn't happen anyways.

It is too bad about the exchange rate, I know it's pretty expensive in AUD. I think I told you I would work something out with you so when you are ready to order let me know.

aunt kymmie 12-13-2008 07:22 PM

I was just commenting on the fact that for the type of money this system would cost I'd rather get another tank. It's just a budget factor. Water changes don't cost me money (I know, time is money :-)) and I'd enjoy having another tank. If I was rich I'd have a fish room and an entire Aquaripure network! I wasn't criticizing anything...sorry that you felt that I was.....

Aquaripure 12-14-2008 10:13 AM

I agree that for a small 10-15 gallon tank it's probably better just to do water changes. I do have a mini denitrator for tanks less than 20 gallons but I do not make it personally (it's made by "Posiedon") and they don't sell that well although every now and then someone wants one.

Some people might prefer just to do water changes and I can't argue that but I have a 29 gallon FW planted tank and a 180 gallon SW reef tank and I can prove it saves me a LOT of $$$.

My tap water is very hard and alkaline so I can't use it in my 29 gallon tank and I have to buy distilled water (that has pH of 7) for about $1 a gallon. On the SW tank I have to use salt which costs at least $0.35 a gallon and thats just using tap water. If I use R/O water the costs go up a lot more. And then it takes me at least 30 minutes a week for the FW tank if I did a water change every week and my SW tanks takes FOREVER (at least it seems like it) to change the water ... at least 2 hours total to mix drain and refill and get everything back where it was.

Soo ... If I did a 35% water change on both tanks every year it would take me 120+ hours. Even at minimum wage that would be at least worth $800+. My FW tank would cost me (29 x .35 x 52 x $1) = $528 in distilled water and my SW tank would cost (180 x .35 x 52 x $0.35) = $1147 in salt. So the total cost would be at least $2475 a year!

With my Aquaripure filters I do water change every 3-4 months so that's a savings of well over $2150 for me.

I do realize that I own the company but if you think about it and do the math I think you will see that I am not exaggerating ... it really does save me a ton of time and $$$ : ) That's why I believe in it so much.

aunt kymmie 12-14-2008 11:57 AM

Your number crunching as far as the "time is money" theory is an eye opener. Out of curiousity, just how much is an Aquaripure system for a 100g tank?? :dunno:

Aquaripure 12-14-2008 04:48 PM

It's $239 but will go up to $249 after 12/20. I know it's not cheap, especially in these times, but I use the highest quality parts and tubing and I need to stay in business long term. I made more money when I used to work in insurance but I prefer to do something I am passionate about. Besides, I know this is a cheesy cliche but as you can see it really does pay for itself : )

Aquaripure 12-15-2008 10:08 AM

My Personal Pledge
As the owner of Aquaripure, I will personally always insure that Aquaripure's goal is to provide the best possible product of it's kind at the best possible value with the best possible customer service.

I would like to thank all of my customers and all of those who support me and even those who simply keep an open mind.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Dmitroid 12-17-2008 04:39 PM


Sorry if a few feathers got ruffled. I didnt mean any harm. Aquaripure dude - You are a genius and you know i think that. Water changes are a non efficent way of keeping fish and if there is to be a future in fish keeping then these kinds of filters need to be used and refined more. I am impressed at the level of craftmanship displayed in the aquaripure.

Melbourne is undergoing the worst drought in the history of Western Population. We have a max limit of 155 litres of water each a day otherwise heavy fines apply. Water changes are just not a reality and regardless, if i get a bigger tank that will still need water changes, just less often but much larger in volume so i doubt it would save time or water.

The only answer is a denitrator. The Aquaripure looks like the best one and i have heavly researched the subject.

Aussie Dollar is looking better everyday :P


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