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Lemeshianos 11-27-2008 01:54 AM

Cotton Skin disease - Treatment and Prevention?
Hello guys, its obvious that since I'm posting this I'm facing a cotton fungus situation or saprolegnia spp. on one of my fish.

I run a 60 gallon aquarium with a pleco, a betty, 4 tigers, a silver shark and 2 silver dollars.

I already had a smaller tank apout 17 gallons and I moved the filter material(ceramics and carbon) to the new one, gave it a week to run, and then transfered the two fish I housed to the 60 gallon one. After another week I brought home the 2 silver dollars and the 4 tigers. Maybe it is too much at once but I assume the size of the tank vs the population would not cause an ammonia/nitrate spike.

Anyway 2 days ago I noticed a small puff of cotton on one of the silver dollars. I immediately moved the fish to a hospital tank. I am checking the main aquarium 2 times a day to see if any other fish develop the symptoms.

As for the sick fish here is a pic where the patch of cotton is:

I am treating with malachite green. I am also having a seperate small container for a salt bath. After the first salt bath last night I noticed that the cotton patch appears to go away leaving. The wound is still there.
I just need some information if I am treating correctly and whether or not the fungus will die or still live in the body of the fish waiting for a chance when the fish is stressed and its immune system is down, to appear again.

Also I noticed that some of the swimming fins on both silver dollars look a little damaged. Not too much but you can see that it's not exactly like they should. I will try to take some pictures today to post them. After a small research I found out that this could be a cause of nipping from other fish or pour water conditions. Water is really hard where I live so I assume maybe this is the cause. Pour water conditions + stress from moving to a new tank = a chance for the fungus to spread.

I would really appreciate your input!

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