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Mikeshonda750f 11-26-2008 10:14 PM

new African tank, need coaching
Hi everyone, new to the forum, but i have read read and re-read most things concerning cichlids.

I totally understand the region differences (3 rift lakes, South Am, American.. ect)... I Totally understand not mixing the above mentioned, as well as mixing a majority of species from the same lake..., something that troubles me i have read is mixing them, and ending up with hybrids..

My wife and I love the idea of having our fish spawn..., she wouldnt care either way.. but i do.. however, more important would be color. This is going to be a 75G tank in my living room for show...

I would love something like Yellow labs... and was reading something about a M/F pair, where the female changes color when shes spawning (to ward off others)... but really i want color... yellow, red, orange, blue.. ect.

I am lost as to what to get.... or ask for.. or look for...
Also, tanks at the local cookie cutter stores (petsmart,petco,ect) have "Assorted African Cichlids" relativly cheap.... good colors... but... what lake? what species? mix them? who cares?.. I am lost....

Thanks everyone!

xDoctor Bob 11-27-2008 10:51 AM

First off, Welcome to the forums!!

Now about your post.

The first rule I follow in buying fish is, Always buy from a LFS ( local fish store ) if there is a beautiful fish or one needed to be saving then you can buy from big stores like wal mart and petco.

Yellow Labs could work in your 75 gal. They are one of the more peaceful fish found in lake Malawi. My sources say they grow up to 8" I personally do not know the exact size because I have never had them before.

Here's a link for cichlids in lake malawi
Cichlids - Malawi Types, Lake Malawi African Cichlids

iamntbatman 11-27-2008 10:48 PM

They might get to 8" in the wild, but I've personally never seen a yellow lab over about 5" in an aquarium.

lowco1 03-09-2009 01:14 AM

The assorted cichlids in petsmart and petco should all be from lake malawi they are mbuna cichlids I have 2 of the blue ones and 2 of the orange ones mixed into a tank with 2 yellow labs, 2 yellow and black ones, 1 orange and black, 2 electric blue and black, 2 albino ones, and 2 acei blue and yellow ones.( sorry I dont actually know the real names of them) I like the blend of all the colors and they all get along relativly well. just make sure to have lots of cave like formations for them and I recomend a sand substrate mine absolutly love my black and white sand and they love to rearange it them selves.

Heartl 03-12-2009 10:31 AM

I have mixed the mbuna cichlids before in my 125gal. I had three of the blue, four of the orange and 3 yellow labs. It seemed to work very well. Just with the more mixing you do cut down on the number of fish you have in the tank. I had tried to start with four kinds but the agrasion was too much. So I pulled the one group and added in one of the blues and one of the oranges we ended up with. Take care and have fun...

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