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DarkNight 05-31-2013 12:47 PM

2nd school for 29 gallon
So my 29 gallon has been sitting at half stock for awhile and I was looking for help. I'm wanting to add a second school. The current stock is a small gbr and 8 harlequin rasboras. My first idea was to add a school of 6-8 cories and bump up the harlequin school to 12. Another thought was to add 8 schooling fish of some kind, I like the look of serape tetras or black skirts but didn't know about size/aggression issues. My girlfriend is a major fan of tiger barbs but those are simply too aggressive right? So any help?

DKRST 05-31-2013 10:23 PM

You could always add White Clouds (aka Meteor Minnows). Nice shoaling fish, red/silver coloration, non-aggressive, plant friendly, and hardy. The long-fin variety is particularly nice. I have about 80 of them in a 125g, they look great. Active, but not as spastic as Danios. Size maxes out at around 2-2.5 inches

NOTE: I like the LF White Clouds, but I'm also getting ready to sell some of my White Cloud fry here on the forum, so I might be biased toward the species!

jaysee 06-01-2013 12:19 AM

If you have the filtration, you could certainly get a school of Corys and a second school of mid water swimmers.

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JDM 06-01-2013 10:10 AM

The minnows are a colder water fish than your current stock. Corys would be a good addition. I'd be tempted to bump up the size of the current Rasbora over adding another type of fish.


Byron 06-01-2013 10:47 AM

If the temp of this tank is around 80F as it should be for the blue ram, your options will have to be carefully selected. The white clouds should not be this warm, and many corys the same. There are a few corys that manage in warmth, like the Corydoras sterbai, C. leucomelas, and a couple others, check our profiles.

The Tigers and Serpae both carry the problem of likely fin nipping unless the group is large enough, and a 30g is the smallest tank recommended for a group of either of these on their own, so I would forget them. Black Skirts have a bit of the same problem but not as much, though their size may be an issue.


DKRST 06-02-2013 09:10 AM

Oops, I wasn't paying enough attention to your current stock!
Got to agree, it would be too warm for White Clouds. Max temp for White Clouds needs to be below 77F, preferably lower.

Aurie 06-03-2013 10:02 PM

Maybe get another kind of rasbora. Something that looks similiar, but different. I'm sure most rasboras school together. Once they get to know eachother they don't seen to school in such a tight group. My Trigonostigma hengeli Narrow Wedge Rasbora seem to sprawl out in the top half of my 46 bow

If you don't have a clean up crew for the bottom maybe some shrimp or a pleco might help. I have a female bristlenose in my 29 and she eats everything I put in there, and so do my ghost/amano shrimp in my 46

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