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willow 11-20-2008 01:08 PM

play sand.
evening all.
i have bought two nice big bags of play sand,and i intend to buy
some sort of soil at the weekend.this all mixed together will be for the geckos inclosures,my question is this.
how on earth can i dry the sand,it's very wet :( and that's not the
type of consistancy(sp) i would really like,they don't require a humid
invironment except in their moist box for shedding.
what do you think,any suggestions would be great,thank you. :)

willow 11-20-2008 02:20 PM

forgot to mention,that if there are any people like non members
who know,or would like to add to this,please do. :)

aunt kymmie 11-20-2008 02:25 PM

I usually use my oven to dry things out. I turn the oven on to 100 degrees and once it reaches that temp I shut it off. I use this method to dry out the catnip that I cut from my garden. The catnip goes into the oven very green & damp and a day later comes dry & crinkly, just the way the cats like it!

Maybe put the sand on cookie sheets or something similar and keep it in the oven?? It's what I would do but then again, I've been known to do some nutty stuff!

Of course, this method would not work for a large volume of sand. I can't recall how large the geckos' home is...

willow 11-20-2008 02:34 PM

hmmmm i was thinking about the oven,well one the tanks they are in
is a 24in and the second one is 32 in. long
i want to fill the tanks about 1/4 full,and hopefully induce some natural
digging i bought two big bags:-D but it's wet,and that's not
what i want,although perhaps if i got the right sort of soil,if it's
dry then i wonder if it would help dry the sand out.:dunno:

onefish2fish 11-21-2008 12:33 AM

hmm. maybe spread the sand out on cookie sheets and leave then for a day or two without the oven?

or put the sand in the tank with your heat lamp on it and have it dry that way.. then add the soil in the tank and mix it together?

aunt kymmie 11-21-2008 12:44 AM

Just thought of something else. When I've needed to presoak certain seeds for planting I dry them by laying them out on newspaper. Not sure this would work for sand as maybe the ink from the newsprint would leach out into the sand but it's an might work....

onefish2fish 11-21-2008 12:53 AM

good thought, but along with the ink risk, the thin paper may become soggy and get in the sand unless your careful, but idk?

maybe cut open a large black trash bag and lay it out fully open as this would be water proof

aunt kymmie 11-21-2008 01:03 AM

The trash bag is a good idea. You'd really be able to spread it out in a thin layer so it would dry faster. Of course, this may not work if you have cats...they might think it was a giant litter box! :lol:

onefish2fish 11-21-2008 01:05 AM


1077 11-21-2008 03:39 AM

+one for plastic tarp.:-)

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