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Aquarius Keeper 11-20-2008 12:47 PM

brackish cycling woes
Has anyone else had trouble cycling a mid-high brackish tank?

My mudskipper tank is generally 0.10-0.11 - it's been six weeks and the darn thing still isn't cycled! I don't have ammonia readings and my nitrates are low, but my nitrite is spiking constantly.

It's not such as issue for the mudskipper but I foolishly added some bees and a dragon goby thinking I could stay on top of it with bottled bacteria, amquel+ and water changes - but after all this time I still have to change the water constantly.

(FYI I have 15 gallons of water in a 20g tank, and a duetto 100 submersible filter)

Any thoughts/suggestions?



Aquarius Keeper 11-20-2008 01:58 PM

Of course I mean the salinity is 0.010 and 0.011...

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