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SICFish 11-19-2008 12:31 PM

my new 55 gal tank in progress
Yes I know the Images here are small...I didn't want a large file size for the forums, so I posted the thumbnails here. If you'd like to see the full sized images, you can go here

Tentative Occupant List ~

X-Ray Pristella Tetra
True Rummynose Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Glowlight Tetra
Cory catfish

Day One ~

Well, this tank was a complete freebie. Everything for the tank was given to me, but with the looks of the tank itself, I am in for a workout. I'm gonna transform this tank from a "Freecyle" freebie, to a splendid Tetra tank. I've got some plans for the tank, but am still undecided on several topics. But for sure, I'm gettin new heater and filter for this tank...I don't trust the old ones to be up to par. This one is staged in the living room, on a wall that seperates to a bedroom.

The Stand Before Cleaning & Prep.

The Tank, before cleaning & Prep.

Well, cleaning has been fun. I basically threw away everything that came with the tank. The Heater was an ancient glass heater that appeared cracked. the Filter...well we just won't go there. It also had an underground filter setup, that wasn't pretty. I threw it out, along with the rock it had in it.

I'm about to throw out both hood Lights included with the tank as well. One of them the plug was corroded as well as the switch wouldn't pop in and out, therefore I couldn't shut that light off, The other one seems ok. However if I get 1 new light, I might as well get them both, right? lol And the glass for under the lights...Ugh Calcium deposits about a quarter inch thick, that would be alot of work.

So, all that Aside, I put 5 gallons worth of water in it, and it's held that. There is a crack in it that had been sealed, so I'm hoping that it stays sealed.

The Tank & Stand together...after initial Cleaning.

aunt kymmie 11-19-2008 12:36 PM

Wow. You did a GREAT job of cleaning that up. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

SICFish 11-19-2008 12:45 PM

Thanks, lots of Vinegar and elbow grease cleaned it up. It's still not 100% clean, but way better than it was before. The Actual build will be quite a long one, But that's ok. it happens when you're on a tight budget, and really don't have the budget to get all new aquarium stuff. My wish list is already made for the holidays LOL.

willow 11-19-2008 03:17 PM

looking good,hard work is worth it.

Nudist 11-19-2008 03:55 PM

congrats on the free tank and stand, nothing at all wrong with that price. :) i can tell from the pics you have already put a lot of hard work in cleaning it up and i'm sure you will enjoy it once you get it all finished.


iamntbatman 11-20-2008 02:02 PM

Nice work getting it cleaned up. I'm looking forward to the progress!

epsilonvaz 01-16-2009 05:33 PM

How did you get rid of all that white stuff on the glass?

Mikaila31 01-16-2009 08:04 PM


Originally Posted by epsilonvaz (Post 164195)
How did you get rid of all that white stuff on the glass?

That white stuff would be lime or hard water build up. To get rid of it you need, like the OP said, lots of vinegar and elbow grease:-)

onefish2fish 01-16-2009 08:12 PM


a few things, $20-50 worth of wood to wrap that stand in and build a canopy.
and if you on a tight budget i would personally try to salvage at most you can. from what i read you threw mostly everything away but the tank and stand. you could always try cleaning up the plug on the light with a wire brush and taking it appart to see what is wrong with the switch. anyways its been awhile since anythings been posted so whats the status?

Sucidemonkey 01-17-2009 06:22 PM

when i got my 55 gallon it was DISGUSTING! It was used for lizards and stuff and hard gunk and stains all on it. So i Made a Mixture of 10% Bleach 20% Vingar and 10% Alchol and 60% water. Shook it up. Sprayed the entire tank with it. Then took a kitchen sponge and went to town :P i then Sprayed the tank with a High pressure Hose :P
( garden hose on Jet) and Scrubed it again this time with only vinegar. took me all Night! But was worth it cause I was to excited to not do anything!.

To OP, Great Job! I know what its like starting a tank on a budget. I only had 100$ :P and my tank is beautiful now!

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