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ajmckay 11-18-2008 11:57 PM

The dreaded Crypto on new CB Angel
On Saturday I purchased a CB Angel
( ). This was on Saturday. Today I noticed that he has 5 or 6 tiny white spots on both it's body and fins that I would certainly classify as Ich. I've seen it several times in FW fish so I'm somewhat familiar with it (I know that Marine ich is different btw, but I still think it looks similar), he is also scratching against rocks. Anyways, The first thing I did was a 20% water change... I was going to do it Saturday, but I decided to wait a few days so as to not stress the fish. I noticed the spots right during the water change.

PH 8.3, Nitrate 0, Alk high, ammonia 0, SG 1.021. That's all I really have tests for at the moment, but for fish that covers most of the bases, right?

Now I've done research on the disease, and I know that copper, and hypo-salinity quarantine are good options. I also had some metronidazole that I dosed immediately because I don't want my clownfish to succumb.

Here's my question... I've heard mixed results about metronidazole being effective in treating crypto when it's attached to it's host. That being said what are my chances of curing this if tomorrow evening I set up a quarantine tank and use a copper treatment? I would really like this fish to live, and I know ich acts fast though I won't kill my live rock/GSP's.

Next, what is the best procedure for setting up an emergency quarantine? I saved 5 gallons of the water change I did yesterday just in case... I'm basically starting off from scratch here... I have a 10 gallon that I will use.

Any help from you experienced enough would help immensely! I've thought about going to my LFS and getting some of that "ich-away" type stuff, but i'm not sure if that will really work... and I know some of them claim to be reef safe, but are they really?

Kellsindell 11-19-2008 12:16 AM

i can't say too much about the ick away. i don't recommend copper based treatments in the main tank as it'll seap into the seams then come out later, and if you have corals, that's an issue.

Now then to the subject, for you quarantine tank, take more of the water out from the main tank and use all of that for your tank water. then put the fish in it (no aclimation really needed for this) and then do a 10% water change, just to get the water cleaner. Then... i need some one to take if from here sorry i can't be of more help :BIGshame:.

BTW you may want to lower your SG that way the shock will kill off just the paricites and not the fish. i think it's 1.019 or lower. i i'll pm some people to see if i can get some help for you. For future ref, you may want to raise your salinity in the main tank if you are going to keep corals... but if you are then a CB angel wouldn't be ideal... hum...:hmm:

ajmckay 11-19-2008 12:57 AM

Thanks Kellsindell for the help.

I will definitely use tank water for the quarantine (I just learned that!), and I will do a small water change after that.

I definitely will not add copper to the main tank because I do not want to kill my live rock.

Now one other question... My tank's SG is 1.021... Is it correct that I should add fresh water to the quarantine water (assuming I use my 1.021 tank water) until it reaches about 1.017 to 1.018 then? How long should I acclimate the fish for would you say? Typically once the temp is stable, I'll add in 1 cup every 10 minutes or so until I've doubled the volume.

Here's a video link so you can see what the ich looks like... There's a quick second around 11 seconds from the end where you can see the spots.. Strangely they're only on one side.

Video of my CB Angel w/Ich

onefish2fish 11-19-2008 01:37 AM

im sorry i have nothing to add as ive never experienced salt water ich.

however i do say quarentine your fish when you get them to avoid this problem all together.

goodluck and hope your coral beauty pulls through.

ajmckay 11-19-2008 11:55 AM

Thanks Onefish for the tip. I suppose I didn't quarantine because I've never had anything bad happen, so I figured I was okay since I have few fish.

I'm honestly not horribly concerned with the clowns, as they are tank-raised (I know they are susceptible like the rest though), and I haven't seen anything strange with them, but to be safe I treated with metronidazole because it is effective in eliminating the parasite in it's free-swimming stages.

Onefish, do you have any suggestions on how to set up my quarantine? Like what SG I should establish, temperature, etc.. ?

ajmckay 11-19-2008 11:17 PM

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Okay... Just an update. Today I set up my quarantine tank. Here's what I did:

1) I set up a 10 gallon, using 8 gallons of water from my display tank, and 2 gallons fresh.
2) I "borrowed" the aquaclear from the main tank, so I should already have a good biological filter. Lighting is just incandecent.
3) I set the tank up with some PVC elbows and such for hides, and a bare bottom for convenience.
4) I'll maintain a hyposalinic SG of 1.018, and I treated with SeaChem "Cupramine", which is supposedly better than standard copper sulfate... so we'll see... You use quite a small dose of this stuff... 15-16 drops for 10 gallons (and it came in a 3.4oz bottle!!). So I am acclimating the fish slowly to the new SG... (hopefully i'm not aclimating the parasites too! but i've never done this before...) The temp is 78, does anyone here think I should raise it a bit?

Also, he's been eating crappy since I've added him to my tank... I saw him eat some mysis at the store, so I just fed mysis, and added a few pieces of minced garlic to the food as well (when I say a few pieces, I mean like 1/8 of a tsp. Just enough to get my kitchen smelling like garlic...) He hasn't really gone after it yet, but I will continue to observe him for another 1/2 hour before lights out.

Again, any further advice on crypto, or on quarantine procedures in general, would be much appreciated!

Kellsindell 11-20-2008 01:55 AM

Don't use the biofilter from the main tank as it may absorb the meds into it a bit more permanently. keep up with the water changes to improve it, or even a mechanical filter (like what they use on fw tanks)

onefish2fish 11-20-2008 02:44 AM

yes, and if you use the freshwater filter dont use carbon in it as it will remove the meds from the water. also make sure to keep the filter pad clean often

ajmckay 11-20-2008 06:23 PM

Disease/Parasite heroes unite!
Thanks for the advices... Fortunately I did both of those things (Yes I'm using a filter from the main tank, but I suppose that's what it was there for, I didn't initially think of using it as a quarantine filter, but that's what it is now!). I also removed the carbon.

Now here's a question...

I noticed last night that right behind it's gills is a slightly opaque, thin-looking, patch of white mucous or fungus or something similar. I also noticed on one side only the slight appearance of a curvy white object in the shape of a small worm or something what looked to be just under the white patch. When I say small I mean about 2mm in length, and thin. I only saw one.
Does there exist something that would exhibit this symptom, or is it just a random mark that I'm just getting bent out of shape about?

I would take a pic, but my wife has the digital camera.

Maybe when she gets back tonight...

Kellsindell 11-20-2008 11:22 PM

:shock: new to me. try to find an anti parisite med and try that. i can't give you much more on that sorry.

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