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GuppyColorMaker 11-18-2008 07:18 PM

Guppy/Marble Molly Fry? Huh? Still, how about some progress reports!!
Yah yah, I'm new, but since i've been asking about them, I wanna tell you!! I have raised/am raising 2 guppies, and 2 new babies that were born almost miscroscopic and completely black, and, or course, I only saved 2. (they got stuck under my marbels and then they got squashed when i tried to get them out) I don't know exactly if they are gups or mollies, because I can't tell. They are 2 weeks old, and when they were one week, my puppy ate my only female molly left, so I kinda forget what she looks like. They are white with little black dots, and one is bigger than the other. At about 2 weeks, its kinda hard to tell. Any advice? Pictures would be appreciated on the difference between the gupp fry and the molly fry. Thankies!

p.s. i got my braces off today! -smiles- feels great!:-D

Roku327 11-20-2008 07:51 AM

If there black and white then I'd guess that there molly young because thats not what the young of guppies look like. On that note, how did your puppy eat one of your fish?:shock:

GuppyColorMaker 11-20-2008 10:43 PM

Not just one, he ate them -all-. So one night, accually, almost 3 or 4 weeks ago, it was a clean night. All of my tanks were occupied, so I had my fish in a cereal bowl, a cup, the bottom of a bottle, and plastic cup. So I'm on the computer, and my dad yells form upstairs, "Seneca! Get Up Here NOW!"(censored) So I run up, and let alone, scattered on my floor, are two of my once 17 fish. My only female molly left was bitten right through the stomache, and my cory catfish was stepped on. He lived, untill the week after, he flopped down the drain. Anyway, for the next hour, we were on fish search, and my dad found one under the bathroom towels(dead), two on the living room carpet(alive, their names are Sherbert and Cali) and the other fish are still alive today. That was my fishy Holocaust, and those who ded salnt ever be forgotten. I have yellow marbels in my tank to represent them. May you rest in peace.

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