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bettababy 12-19-2006 01:17 AM

10 gallon vivarium revamp underway
I thought I'd post a pic of the 10 gallon salamander tank I am working on revamping. It's minimal with plants right now because the salamander tends to pull them up, but he'll be moving to a 40 gallon tank soon and seems happy with what he's got. He shares his tank with 2 fancy guppies. I run a tetra 10i (submersible) filter, and it feeds the waterfall for biological filtration. Even though the salamander is messy, the tank stays very clean with minimal care. I am working on replacing the light fixture, not sure yet what I'm going to be using. In the pictures I only have a standard aquarium bulb over the tank, and the plants currently in the tank seem to be fine this way.
The plants now in the tank are:
anubias nana
crypt. wendtii
teardrop rotala
I am including one of the pictures with the fogger running.

Lupin 12-19-2006 03:21 AM

:shock2: Nice vivarium, Dawn.:thumbsup:

bettababy 12-19-2006 03:16 PM

Thanks Blue... I took a few more pics today after adding the rest of the plants. It's done now, lol. I have decided not to invest anymore into it until I have the bigger tank ready.
Hope you like these too...

girlofgod 12-19-2006 03:18 PM

he doesn't bother the guppies? looks great!


Lupin 12-19-2006 05:15 PM

:shock2: Very nice.:thumbsup: Now I see the guppy in the first post. Gorgeous.:love:

bettababy 12-20-2006 02:48 AM

He's been fine with the guppys in there for almost 2 yrs now. I had, at one point, too many guppies in my other tank, couldn't get them seperated fast enough, so I decided to use them as feeders to get the population under control. I have bettas that will only eat guppy fry and live worms (they're fussy little girls), and I figured the salamander would appreciate some of the older adult females. He actually seemed to like the company. I see him swimming "with" the guppys from time to time. There are only 2 in there, a pretty pair that I'm hoping will breed, but in moderation of some kind, lol. The orange male is newer, but the female has been in there since I tried to feed her to him, almost 2 yrs ago. She had a few batches of fry, which she, herself quickly ate. I have a decent filter in that tank, and the bioload is so low because the salamander hand feeds, the waterfall is my primary filtration. I don't do much other than feed it and add water when it evaporates.

The water in that tank got dirty only once, from some plants I had added. I brought home some moss from a trip we'd taken up north. I figured the salamander was wild caught, so he'd appreciate it. I covered 2/3 of the tank with 2 different kinds, and he loved it. Then my light went out. Within 2 days the moss was about dead, and within a week it had sort of crumbled away into mud in the gravel. The water is always clear unless I stir it, and water quality is good. This is one of the easiest tanks I've ever set up. It's completely natural and dependent on me only for food and water. I do wipe the glass down from time to time because the salamander climbs around on it a lot. I rearrange this tank about once/yr. My Christmas gift to the salamander... he gets new plants, new rock formations, new lights. He's as spoiled as my kids, lol, and by far my easiest pet. I'll post pics if I get any fry from the guppys.

fish_4_all 12-20-2006 06:35 PM

Very cool tank and even cooler salamandar! I wish I could find aquatic species around here but they are all terrestrial or completely aquatic and don't come out of the water. Supposed to be some water dogs around but I have yet to find them except when I was a kid and the spot has long since been drained and filled.
What do you feed him?

bettababy 12-21-2006 12:42 AM

He's a yellow spotted salamander, and so far, all he'll eat is crickets. He hand feeds now, which makes him even more fun, and I take him out to play from time to time. I had 1 as a class pet in the 4th grade many many yrs ago. The neighbor kid found on in his grandpa's sump system, so he brought it to school. A couple of yrs later, my step father brought me 2 of them that he'd found at work. I had those 2 for 5 yrs, then my ex killed them (on purpose). One day a few yrs ago my kids heard me telling someone the story about my ex killing my beloved salamanders and how I've always wanted to keep them again. One day my kids show up with a bucket for me... a bit of water and this little guy sitting there looking up at me. The found him around their cousin's swimming pool, knew what it was, and decided it would be a nice gift for mom... they were right!

caferacermike 12-21-2006 07:23 AM

We called them tiger salamanders in MI. When I worked as a lawn sprinkler tech we could catch about 20 a day. They enjoyed living in the little plastic valve boxes we used to cover the valves. I've kept several and mine would also enjoy large night crawlers.

What you need next in the bigger tank is an old fashioned mud puppy.

SKAustin 12-21-2006 07:36 AM

Looks Beautiful Dawn. Nice landscaping (or perhaps swampscaping?).

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