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Highland lake13 11-16-2008 04:32 PM

Old tank 10g, new start
I have had a ten gallon tank for 7 years now, with the same filter and heater. I have kept everything in this tank from turtles to anglefish. It is now being used for: 2 cherry barbs and 2 red band tetras. the 2 tetras were the first fish i got about 7 years ago.
i want to get some new fish and i would love some new ideas i am seriously considering breeding guppies but i am up for other types of fish. I have 2 other tanks, a 40g which i am using for breeding native chubs and bass. The other is an old 12g nano cube which has nothing in it. so i have some more possibilities.
Any help would be great thanks!!!

iamntbatman 11-16-2008 11:48 PM

I'm not familiar with the common name "red band tetra" but I'm going to assume that like most tetras, it prefers to be in a group of at least six to thrive. The cherry barbs also do best in a group of two to three females to each male. Sexing them should be very easy in a clean, healthy dealer tank: the males should be bright red and the females a coppery color. This sex ratio will cause your male to color up very nicely and will reduce the amount of stress he places on the females. I believe three to four cherry barbs and a school of tetras would be a well-stocked 10g.

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