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kyfishman 11-13-2008 01:54 PM

Novice freshwater fish caretaker looking for help
I have a 10 gallon now with:

2 Lemon tetra

2 red fin tetra

2 glowlight tetra

1 albino placo

They have been doing great! I think that is a perfect fish to water ratio but as the title says, I am novice and here to learn.

I am about to buy a 45 gallon tank to expand my hobby. I read, before I purchased the tetra that they do best in groups of atleast 3-5 but I knew I was limited on fish/gallon and could not resist the variety. :-? Fish seem to be very happy, especially those little glowlights.. very friendly fish.

My plan is to expand each type of tetra so they will have that school of 5 fish each and add another placo of some type so that will take my 45 gal tank to:

5 Lemon Tetra

5 red fin tetra

5 glowlight tetra

1 albino placo another placo, probably not albino (maybe a darker color breed)

The two questions I have are:

1. Given the tetra I have in my tank now grow from 1"-1.5" and the placos can get several inches can I afford to add any other fish?

2. If I have enough tank for more fish, without crowding, what other types of fish get along with tetra of this size?

I would love to add something docile that is a little larger, that lives solo or perhaps in a pair but only if I won't be crowding out my tank.

I'd love to toss an oscar in there but from what I have read, the oscar would just gobble up my tetra fish. I'd like the Oscar for the size variance in the tank. I know, over time the placo will grow and dwarf the tetras but the placo is fairly motionless. I'd like something that moved through the tank among the tetra.

Thank you in advance to everyone who replies to my post. :lol:

iamntbatman 11-13-2008 04:03 PM

Oscars get to be huge fish and are very fast growing. I've heard of them breaking a foot in length after about a year, with 10" in the first year being very common. Absolutely a no-no for a 10g tank. A 45g tank would be suitable for a short while, but eventually even a single oscar will need a 75g tank minimum. They're also carnivorous, predatory fish and will eat any fish that fit in their mouths.

I'm not sure exactly what species your pleco is, but most of the albino plecos I've seen are bristlenose plecos. They get to be about 5" long and will grow fairly rapidly, and produce a lot of waste for their size. I think your tank is fully stocked as it is. If I were you, I would get that 45g as soon as possible and get it cycling. You could then move all of your tetras (except for one type) into the 45g and increase their school sizes. They'll be much more interesting fish in the proper school sizes. You could keep one of the smaller, less active breeds, like the glowlights, in the 10g in a group of 8 or so, You could possibly add a fish like a dwarf gourami to the 10g tank as a centerpiece fish. The 45g could support small schools (6-8 fish) of the lemon and red fin tetras as well as something like a gourami, maybe a school of corydoras catfish for the bottom, your pleco and a dwarf cichlid like a kribensis, ram or apistogramma.

kyfishman 11-14-2008 09:21 AM

Great info that I will use. I think you are correct about the breed of pleco I have.

I like your idea for the 10g too. So far, tetra do the trick for me. Fun, durable fish that, unless I am a complete careless, I can't kill.

I welcome others to make suggests too. I am a sponge for knowledge at this point.

Soon, I'll take some pics to share with the community.



SolaceTiger 11-14-2008 11:10 AM

Looking forward to your pictures, always nice to see someone new and eager to learn! I also have tetras, 3 bloodfins, 2 red eyes, and 2 white skirts. 30 gallon is cycling right now, and soon they will be moving in there, then I shall expand their schools. :) Have fun! Its very rewarding.

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