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akoblitz 11-13-2008 10:28 AM

And I'm back at!
I've got some quick questions.... First no I'm not new to keeping fish I've had:

2 20 gallon (Ciclid, tropical fully planted)
3 55 gallon (tropical fully planted, tropical way to many plants, salt water fish/lr)

I went on to sell and give away the rest of my fish stuff for various reasons. The other day someone at work offered me a fish tank that they had laying around. Long story short I'm back into FISH again, I belive the tank is a 20 high, maybe a 24 high. Regardless I really really want to have a great setup this time.

First question (filter):
I'm planning on having a fully planted tank. To start I would like to get a canaster filter (I know even on a 20) for various reasons, noise being a main factor along with having ample gph turnover. I was thinking about ordering this: Aquarium Water Quality & Filtration: Eheim ECCO Canister Filters however if you have better suggestions please feel free to point me in the correct direction.

Second question (Co2):
Previously on my tanks I had the bubble difuser hob for co2. This however I had to alway obtain new packets of yest and had to deal with that smelly MESSY thing. What is this: CO2 Reactor 1000 and is this something I can hook up to a co2 device? Could someone please explain, and again if you could point me in the correct dierction that would be greatly appreciated.

Third question (lighting):
I currently have 2, 15 watt lights left over from previous setups on my ciclid tanks. Seeing as this is a 'high' tank, what wattage would you recommend me having? I think before I had around 3-4 watts/per. Would 2 per be ample or do I need to purchase a new light.

Thanks for your help... expect to see lots of me in the future! Hopefully I keep it to just this tank... for a while!

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