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s72450 11-12-2008 07:00 PM

Trouble in Fishy Land?
I have a 29g tall tank and after letting it cycle I added in fish, not alot at a time, just four or five per week. I had seven in a ten gallon and moved them over at once and then added in a few more this past weekend. I have checke my water levels and everything is fine, but I'm still having issues with dying fish.

In my tank I have..

2 sunset platies (female)
2 Red velvet swordtails (one male and one female)
4 Balloon Mollies (sexes unknown)
2 White Gold Cloud Fish (sexes unknown, but probably both female or both male since no fry have come from them and it's been months since I bought them)
2 sucker fish
3 neon tetras

So in the past week I have lost one neon tetra, one male swordtail, one of my mollies, one of the cloud fish. I know have eleven fish in my tank which is fine given the size of the tank I'm going to assume. Water levels are fine, so what gives, why are my fish dying? It's a planted tank with poolsand for substrate.

I'm very surprised that I lost one of my gold clouds because I've had both of them for about two months and they're pretty tough guys.

I did a water change this past weekend, 50% of the tank water and I use Stress Zyme to increase the bacteria in my tank.

Are these fish not getting along or is there something more sinister lurking in the deep?

cerianthus 11-13-2008 11:41 AM

Tank that is more than 2 month old with livestock should well established biologically.
At this point, Stop adding fish and Stresszyme.
Biological activities equals amount of bio-load in the tank. No need to add such products once tank is well established and you can only so called cycle the tank with livestock.
fish may be dying simply because they were exposed to Ammo, nitrite while tank was cycling.
Why don't you wait before you add any more livestock and also check for external parasitic/bacterial infections. Good Luck!

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