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RLHam3 11-11-2008 05:24 PM

hey so i was wondering...

i've kept freshwater tanks for a long time now and i think that i pretty much understand the basics of saltwater, but i've got one question that i'm having a lot of trouble finding the answer to, how often would you add salt to a tank to keep it's salinity stable?

Would you just add it at the start and at water changes. or do you have to keep adding it daily to keep salinity the same? also what is salt creep?

conger 11-11-2008 05:32 PM

you only add salt when doing water changes (and at the start of course, as you pointed out), and then its only to make the new water that you're about to add the same salinity as the water in your tank. Salinity is very easy to keep stable.

Salt does not evaporate with water, so the amount of salt in the tank does not fluctuate much at all... the small fluctuation that does occur is because water evaporates, but the amount of salt stays the same: thus less water + same amount of salt = higher salinity as water evaporates. You should top-off the tank frequently with FRESH (non-salted) water to keep the salinity stable.

Salt creep refers to dried salt that appears around the edges of your equipment, tank edges, lid, etc.. that is actually dried salt from the water. Salt creep itself, if left unchecked, I suppose COULD reduce the salinity of the water as it is basically salt from the water that is drying out of the water. But its not (in my limited experience) something that really effects salinity nor is it a major problem.

Kellsindell 11-11-2008 09:52 PM

Salt creep is also know for covering your bulbs and if you have a reef then that's very bad because it lowers the PAR that's being released into the water.

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