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ollecram 11-08-2008 09:09 AM

advice on planted tank
hi guys. i havent been on the forums on a while due to school work and after school activities. but now that im bag in the swing of things, i want to get rid of all my plastic plants. i want to replace them with the real thing. i have a 20 long tank that currently has 2 rosy barbs and a ghost shrimp or 2 in it. Ive had them for about 2 months so all is well. i wanted some ideas for some plants that i could put in. i was thinking about some easy plants like dwarf anubias, and java fern, java moss and some dwarf hairgrass. what do you guys think of these plants together? thanks:-D

klosxe 11-08-2008 02:53 PM

I need some more info about your tank to help you out. First off, how much time and money are you willing to put into this hobby? this will effect factors such as potential CO2 injection and how heavy lighting you should get. What equiptment do you currently have on the tank? What are the water parameters? This info will really hep me with my recomendations. I'd check out and to get some ideas and good info about plants.

After you tell me the tank size, parameters, your "budget", and current hardware, Then I can really help you, but this basic information is necessary first.

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