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Bongox3 05-28-2013 04:27 PM

Pics of my 120g Planted Tank
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Here's the temporary home of a few larger cichlids (jacks and oscars) and their neighbors barbs and tetras. As they grow to adult / spawning size, some will be moved to a tank of equal size, just fewer plants to be devistated - plus a finer grade of substrate to allow for digging...and slate to allow for, well you know...:-D (The others (non-coupled) are going to be taken by a buddy who's into fish as well...)

One day, I'll buy a camera - sorry about the quality....

fish monger 05-28-2013 07:52 PM

Very nice looking tank. You have a real eye for aquascaping, unlike me.

Bongox3 05-28-2013 08:36 PM

Thank you fish monger, that's very kind of you to say... I mean that, as I've learn a great deal reading posts you have submitted... So ur note really means a lot to me...I have a great deal more to do though... I want to experiment more with a ground cover, clover never seems to work for me... Added to my woes is the big three year old anubia in the center has algae developing on it's leaves... I'd hate to cut her leaves back, but afraid of the algae spreading... Before I had lilys and the leaves of a tiger lotus providing shade for it, but like a dork, I over pruned them... Oh well, in any case, thank you and best wishes -mike

gema 06-04-2013 02:49 PM

Hi Mike, how's it all going with the new additions? Would love to see some updated photos. Pleeeeease tell me you have your camera sorted??

Bongox3 06-04-2013 11:05 PM

Hi Gema!!! Afraid not, I use my camera for work quite a bit...and constantly forget to bring it home...probably a good thing though as I wouldn't want my love ones to see some of the images stored...many are quite gruesome...but will do the mean time I'll try to pinch my kids camera once she's out with her buddies...

All my lil pals are doing well. Oscars, being oscars, are growing like weeds and the most dominate jack is also growing equally fast - the other jacks still are rather small in comparison (though fed equally, and often)...All above have lovely coloration, but I'm a bit bias... Diet consist of cichlids pellets, flakes, insects (both alive and frozen), bloodworms, earthworms, meal worms, krill, shrimp, and an occasional cricket...mixed up throughout the week...with the pellets and flakes used as staple chow and a zucchini and small pieces of fruit now and then for these guys and my seemingly ominorous loaches...

No major issues with aggression or territory yet (but they're still pretty young). Also barbs and tetras have been pretty much ignored (but again, they're still young). Need to establish my empty tank soon, but have to figure out spacing and electrical stuff...

In general all is groovy.... are u? Did you get my last pvt msg? Hope to hear back soon.... -mike

Bongox3 06-04-2013 11:19 PM

Also, this is kinda odd...all plants used for attempted ground cover (clover, glasso, etc) and all plants with red tint (ludwigia) have been either torn apart or constantly uprooted (daily)... They leave all the green stem plants (anubia, java, swords, etc) alone...and also a tiger lotus has been untouched... the ground cover and ludwigia were all newly added - all other plants have been established... Not just my cichlids doing this either... While replanting the ludwigia my tiger barbs nipped my arm over and over again - they are not aggressive at all in the tank to the other fish, being in a rather large group....Also, I should add, they never nip at my arm when doing tank maintenance (cleaning, algae removal, etc).... Don't think they like this stuff - but would love insight as to why....

Also added water lettuce and hyacinth to the top, for more hiding space for my smaller guys...Guess they approve as these (green but new) plants remain undamaged....

Would love to hear your and everyone's take on this behavior....

- Mike

kop71 06-19-2013 09:04 PM

wish i could do a tank like that my eye not that good though lol

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