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mr2god 11-05-2008 08:00 PM

mbuna tank ideas
First of all sorry for double posting this. Being new I wasnt sure if I should go strait to the cichlid forum or the general fish forum.

This is my first post here, been surfing for a while.

Just had a couple questions. I am planning on setting up a Mbuna tank this winter. I have pretty much decided on a species tank of Ps. Saulosi. I like their coloring and hear they are easy to breed, which I will probably be doing. I will probably go with a single male and 4 or 5 females.

My question is can I put any other tropical fish in with them. For example, I am a very big fan of tiger barbs and think they could hold their own against the saulosi. I would of course get a large group of them so they dont get nippy.

My second question is about pleco's. I have heard this answered both ways and want to get some more input. I was planning on one or two bristlenose pleco's to keep the tank walls clean, plus i think they look really interesting.

All of this will be going into a 40 gallon breeder tank with plenty of rockwork and probably some light planting like java fern and maybe java moss.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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