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James 11-04-2008 12:54 PM

New to planting
I was gonna put 2 plants in my new 3 gallon with my betta fish and I was wondering what type of plant you would suggest and if I even can put two in there

what type of lighting I need

idk I have no clue with the whole planting deal and was just wondering

thank you

onefish2fish 11-05-2008 12:46 AM

i suggest visiting and browsing the live plant section to get an idea of plants you like and their basic care, then googling more information about them.

your going to want light bulbs in the 5000k range, that are FULL spectrum and generally speaking 2-3 watts per gallon. avoid incandesant lights as they will heat up your tank considerably

there are liquid fertilizers that you can buy but i would be concerned about over-dosing in such a small tank. if you do, do it just be extra careful.

a bag of eco-complete would make an excellent substrate for the plants roots, but isnt completly required. i would avoid Co2 injection completly. goodluck.

iamntbatman 11-05-2008 01:11 AM

Ideally you want the color temperature of the bulbs in the 6700K range for the best plant growth.

klosxe 11-08-2008 02:49 PM

I'd also recomend
they have a wealth of information and some great plants; Every single plant I have recieved from them is of the upmost quality, and they are deffinetly worth your time and money.

Agree with iamntbatman on the correct color temperature for plants. I couldn't find the correct color temperature for my Compact Florescents I have on my 30 gallon, so I just got 2 10000/6700 K dual bulbs,(1 bulb has 1 of each temperature color in it) and those seem to be working fine.

Hope everything works out! :)

kritas 11-08-2008 06:10 PM

Honestly now guys, do you guys in the US have 6700K lights that are small enough for a 3G???????????????
Aren't looking for the plants to shoot out of the tank, just to survive. So umm I reccomend just fert and Co2 tabs should do the trick once every 5 days. Your tank is too small to do it any more often

klosxe 11-10-2008 05:57 PM

I'm sure that you won't like my truthful answer to that question.....


(I have seen 6700K bulbs for a 1g, 3g, and 5g tank.) ")

catfishtabbi 11-10-2008 08:08 PM

good lord. just use gravel,included light, substrate tabs and get a medium amazon sword or another ANUBIA which are low light not spend $25 on eco complete. considering the extreme water changes in a bette tank it would surely get rinsed out.bettas love laying the hardy leafs.

kritas 11-10-2008 08:12 PM

How the hell did u manage to get such small lamps for those tanks??? I agree with catfishtabbi, at the end of the day it isn't worth getting all these specialty items that are only needed in a 10G+ tank

Oldman47 11-16-2008 03:23 PM

For a small tank like that, the WPG numbers go out the window. It is like saying you could grow plants in a 1 gallon with a christmas tree bulb. You will want at least 10W over that tank for even low light plants to have a reasonable amount of light. Fancy substrates and CO2 are not likely to do much good, if any, for the few low light plants you will be able to grow. Maybe you could get an incandescent fixture with one of the screw in spiral 13W bulbs as your plant bulb.

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