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LuvFish4Eva 10-29-2008 06:41 AM

Mysterious black parasites
I have a Bermuda Fish Tank, as I like to call it. Things seem to appear and disappear as they please, including the mysterious appearance of snails, white spot, fungi, weird little white slug things, and the literal vanishing of several of my baby fish.

No illness I have ever gotten has been traceable, mainly because I seem to get them six months after I last introduced any fish.

My latest problem is tiny (probably 1mm long) little black parasites on the caudal fin and hide of my 5-month old balloon molly. I noticed them a couple of days ago. My molly was pure white as a fry and now she is dull brown with a white belly and the black spots. I just thought they were black spots at first but tonight I was watching her and it seriously looked like one of the black spots had little legs! And they seem to be sprouting up overnight. Yesterday she had like 3 spots, now she has about 6. I was watching her for a while and after investigating her with a magnifying glass it seems as though they are raised (if it was just patterning it wouldn't be raised) and they have little antennas and legs.

I did some research and thought maybe it could be black ich, but she eats fine, and although she doesn't flick against things, she rubbed against the back wall a few times.

What's wrong with her? Her mother is in isolation from the eternal whitespot that keeps appearing when she is in the main tank but vanishes as soon as I put her in the isolation tank (see - Bermuda Fish Tank!) and I put in a full dosage of fungi treatment (which has whitespot treatment in it) in her tank and a half-dosage in the main tank (because of the tetras and loaches) every 3 days to try and rid it of any traces of bugs. I know most fish treatments kill invertebrates and assumed it would have killed the parasites?

What has my molly got, how do I treat it and why hasn't the fungi treatment helped?

Thankyou to anyone who can help.

Little-Fizz 10-29-2008 05:14 PM

Check out fish lice on this page. If it doesn't look like what you've got then surf around the thread in the link and it may help you out a little bit.

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