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RLHam3 10-27-2008 06:39 PM

55 gallon tank suggestions
hey i've got a 55 gallon set up and ready to stock. I'm gonna put a pair of firemouths in it for now. i was hoping i could put rasie another bigger more aggressive cichlid in it too. (i would move the firemouth's out later, so just pretend they're not even there) i was thinking of getting a couple of juvi's of deifferent kinds of SA cichlids and keeping them till they were around 4in and then getting rid of all but my favorite. is this a good idea?

If not, thats ok too. But i would really love any suggestions on large and aggressive SA or CA cichlids to put in there.

PS- i've already kept oscars and i would like to try something new.

xDoctor Bob 10-28-2008 05:04 PM

Well.... I guess you can rid of those you don't favor.

A jack dempsey could work.

jeaninel 10-29-2008 02:01 AM

How about a green terror?

iamntbatman 10-29-2008 01:58 PM

Jack Dempsey, green terror, blue acara, convicts, salvini cichlids would work. Severums could also work. Geophagus would work, but aren't at all aggressive (except to each other).

Any of the larger, more aggressive American cichlids would get too large for a 55g (i.e. oscars, Jaguars, red devils, wolf cichlids, etc.)

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