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MRQuad 10-26-2008 10:18 PM

Discus questions.. need help..
what is your best food recommendation for the discus fish.. i just got 11 fry.. will i give them a sinking pellets? if i do, which one is better, NEW LIFE SPECTRUM or HIKARI?

if i fed them with HIKARI Frozen Food.. like the BIO-PURE.. how much cube will i give my discus to quench their hunger? i have a HIKARI-BIO-Pure frozen food, i gave them one cube every feeding time, but they just snap it, and gone for like less than a minute.. and there's 11 of them.. do you think i should put, maybe 2-3 or more cubes?

need advise please..


1077 10-27-2008 04:22 AM

When you say fry how big are we talkin bout? I have fed flake food that was crumbled really well, Frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, small cichlid crisps and pellets, freeze dried spirulina brine shrimp, freezedried tubifex, Seaweed salad hung from veggie clip, and beef heart. If the fish are very small say two inches you will need to feed them several times a day only what they can eat in a couple minutes or they could become stunted. For eleven discus babies one cube should do but they will need much more as they grow larger. Water changes of 25 to 30 percent two to three times per week are recommended by those who breed these fish the reason being , they feed the fish frequently and water quality will suffer as a result. You may wish to visit I am sure you will find many folks there that can help you to grow fat healthy Discus.

MRQuad 10-27-2008 09:15 AM

thanks for the reply sir.. as of now, i gave them HIKARI Bio-Pure frozen.. and i gave them 2.. cause i really think, one is not enough to them.. the size where they are right now are 2" min. and 3" max.

i am a member of simply discus forum.. thanks for mentioning that to me.. and actually, i did post this question in there too.. just wanna make sure a get a different ideas from the experts..

by the way, i have one more question: if i do water change, lets say: i'll change 20% of the water and added a new one.. will it be ok, if i add the water straight from the tap? or i have to put it in the bucket first, and put some conditioner before adding it to the aquarium? what do you think is the safest? and what do you do if you change water?

thanks again..

1077 10-27-2008 09:35 AM

I ALWAYS add dechlorinator to water BEFORE it goes in the aquarium. I change 20 to 25 percent of the water two to three times a week and that water comes from the tap. Many of those who care for or raise discus change water on a more frequent basis and also change out much larger volumes of water I contribute this to the fact that many of these people have large numbers of fish and they feed foods such as beef heart which fouls the water quickly if what is not eaten is not removed. They also claim to produce larger fish with these large waterchanges which some do daily. I suspect it is more related to the amount of food the fish recieves and the number of times they are fed during the day. I have four discus that get fed twice a day but two are about the same size as yours so I sometimes catch myself feeding three times a day hence the three water changes per week. I am not a fan of large water changes and IMHO frequent small water changes are less stressful on fish than large water changes but not everyone shares my views. The more you feed your fish ,the larger and faster they will grow BUT you must also take measures to see that filtration is sufficent for the tank and you must keep the excess food from fouling the water through frequent water changes and cleaning the bottom. Hope some of this helps.:-) PS you doesn't has to call me Sir just don't call me late for supper.

MRQuad 10-27-2008 10:47 AM

thank you again for your quick response.. i really appreciated it.. i got another question though, if you don't mind me asking.. anyways, do you think my discus will be fine if i fed them NLS-Discus Formula? money wise.. if i can get a cheaper food, with the same effect as the live or frozen ones, the better..

do you think you'll recommend that to me?

and also, about the lighting.. will i keep the lights on for them? i have a timer, that it will shuts off during the morning and turns on in the evening at 6pm till midnight, do you think that's enough lighting for them?

1077 10-27-2008 11:20 AM

I would stick with discus formula and frozen bine shrimp, frozen blood worms, a good quality flake food, Cichlid crisps and pellets. I would not feed live foods unless I was raising the live food. Too much chance of parasites and or bacteria being introduced otherwise. I have heard of those who pickup Night crawlers from the yard or redworms caught wild. The problem as I see it lies with the areas these worms are collected from. Some folks use insecticides, fertilizers etc on or near these areas and these could make their way into your tank and fish. Discus will eat just about all fish food And it is my opinion that a variety of food is always better for fish than one or two. As for lighting, Your fish will become used to the lighting schedule and I believe six hours is plenty unless you have live plants then eight to ten would be better for plants.

MRQuad 10-27-2008 05:27 PM

thanks again for your help..

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