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Marinero 10-24-2008 11:18 PM

Aquarium Heaters
What brand of Titanium aquarium heater is considered to be very reliable with regards to temp. accuracy, durability, and ability to maintain proper temps.? I want to heat a new 75 gal. and I was considering something compact that can fit in the sump.
Also, by putting the heater in the sump, are there any drawbacks? Will the sump overheat, before the main tank? Will there be too much heat for the planned refugium since the pumps will also be in the sump?
Thanks for the answers as always guys!

Kellsindell 10-29-2008 10:49 PM

welcome to the forum!

Now the better heaters are going to be Won Brothers and the other for titanium is Pro-Heat Titanium.

As for drawbacks of it being in your sump is that if you have an outtage and your pipping coming out of the display tank doesn't re-prime then the sump will over heat and you'll have some death potentially (but it'll come back in due time). other than that i don't see any drawbacks and it's what i do and have had good luck with that method for about 3 years and i've read many that have the same results.

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