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sparkey60 10-23-2008 10:04 AM

Hello All I am very new here infact this is my first post.

My problem is that some of my Koi had pretty big wounds on there sides as to what caused it I am not sure. They were removed from the pond a complete water change of the pond was done and it is very healthy right now. I have been able to move about 1/2 of my Koi back into the pond and they are doing very well. The thing is that the other half our being treated for wounds still. All I have is a 100 gallon side tank and the water is changed everyday to keep the ammonia down. I have used Pemafix and Melafix for several days maybe a month or so. All the Koi are looking better however you can still see the wounds they have not heeled. The temperatures are starting to lower her in Illinois and I am not sure if the treatment does well in lower temps. I know the healing processes is slower in lower temps. Beings that I have treated the Koi for a month or so are they well on their way and can they be put back into the pond with their friends. Or what to do at this point. Plzzzzzzzz Help.

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