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Jo 10-22-2008 11:51 AM

Very upset Pacu
I recently bought a 250 gal tank for my pacu and am in the process of fixing to hook up. While looking for a tank I came accross these 2 cat looking fish that looked pretty beat up and needed rescuing. One has only one eye, the others nose is all scraped up. I thought I'd rescue them and put them in with Paco the Pacu as tank mates, seeing they were 15 inches long and the guy said they were 4 yrs old, I thought they must be fully grown. My paco already measures 17 in at 1 yr old.
Wow, they love paco and cling to him all the time, only thing is when one gets spooked all 3 dive in different directions. Paco's upset about the whole thing, he has'nt ate in 2days and has a bad inch scape on his gill.
I'm so upset with myself for not finding out what type of fish these are and jumping into this, but I really felt sorry for those fish.
Do you think they settle together or should I find homes for the catfish.
I've posted a question in Catfish to see if anyone can tell me what type they are. If you know about cats, please have a look.

okiemavis 10-25-2008 12:44 AM

That's awesome to hear you have such a large tank!! That's going to be one of the few properly cared for Pacu, and I'm sure it will be worth every bit of the effort. Pacu are definitely on my list of favorite fish of all time. My floor can't hold a large enough tank for them, nor can I commit to the long term care, but someday I will have a basement, with a very, very large tank for them!

How large is your Pacu currently? Honestly, if you think you can swing it, I'd think about getting some more. Pacu are schooling fish, and can be very nervous on their own, which is probably why he's acting the way he is with the catfish.

Jo 10-25-2008 11:52 AM

He is very pissed off with me at the moment and is'nt eating properly.
I just found out the 2 cat fish i rescued are Iridescent Shark Catfish and will grow huge, thier 4 yrs old now and measure 15/16 inches long, which is'nt too bad of a growth, but I cannot keep them.
My Pacu is only 1 yr old and already reached 17 inches.
I hope he slows down growing pretty soon. they say when they reach adult hood they do.
No I can't get another Pacu or else I would need a tank that fills up the whole wall. When he reaches over 2 feet I'm going to have to cross that bridge when i come to it.
In Arizona we have no basements.

Good luck to you. Thanks for your input.

Jo 10-27-2008 10:21 AM

On Saturday one of the catfish broke the heater in the tank and cut part of his finn off. It's a wonder the whole tank did'nt get electicuted.
Wow, how stressful its been for me and the fish. I just had to seperate them before they busted the tank.
I found homes for them on Sunday, hopefully they'll be calmer by themselves in a tank.
My tank is back to normal. I think i'll stick to my happy family I have in the tank now, they all get along wonderful and its so peaceful.

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