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Aquaripure 10-21-2008 01:25 PM

ORP and the Aquaripure
I am sometimes asked about using an ORP meter with the Aquariure. I advise against it and I hope the following e-mail exchange with an actual customer will explain it.

"Hi John, it is me Luis, I have a question, my ORP has now climbed to 450 mv, what is going on? It has happened only a few days after I connected the Aquaripure.

Thanks ... Luis"

This was my reply,

"Generally speaking, higher ORP is indicative of increased water quality. is the best article I have read about it but it is quite confusing.

Ozonizers are often set to shut down if ORP goes over 450 but this is ONLY because having too much ozone in the tank is VERY dangerous to fish. More Ozone = increased water quality = increased ORP but can also kill fish. You DO NOT have to worry about ORP being too high in the Aquaripure.

I recommend you ignore ORP from now on ... you will no longer need to worry about it. Focus on pH, making sure the Aquaripure stays cycled by following the directions, the general appearance of your tank, and the general health of your fish."

Aquaripure 10-21-2008 01:37 PM

One last note, I believe that it would be perfectly ok for the ORP to go even higher than 450 mv with the Aquaripure as completely clean and pure seawater at 8.2 ph and saturated with oxygen has an ORP of 535 mv. This simply indicates completely pure and clean water free of organics. However, if you have a coral reef tank or planted tank you will want to supplement them with coral food/ fertilizer once a week or so.

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