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TFK Team 05-25-2013 11:14 AM

Black Bellied Limia (Limia melanogaster)
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Family: Poeciliidae

Common Name: Black Bellied Limia

Origin and Habitat: Central America: endemic to Jamaica.


Black Bellied Limia Diet

Dry foods,frozen,live same as guppies


Male 1.6" (4cm). Female 2" (5cm).

Minimum Tank Suggestion

20 gallons

Water parameters for Black Bellied Limia

The Black Bellied Limia should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 7.5-8.5.


Small guppy-type livebearer, very hardy; as they are not fancy bred like some of the other livebearers they make a better first fish than guppies.
They are an overall grey with a blue sheen and black bars running along the body. Both sexes look alike.
The only problem with these neat little fish is that they are difficult to find

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