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MRQuad 10-19-2008 09:03 PM

some question..
guys, is there a fish that are algae eater besides plecos? and should be compatible with my cichlids?

i don't know what is wrong with my BN Pleco, he won't come out and eat the algae, he just hides.. there are time he will only show up on the rocks for like, once every 3 weeks and even 4 weeks..

do you guys know what is wrong with him? it's a male BN Pleco..

thanks for reading..

1077 10-20-2008 04:41 AM

I have seen the photos of your tank with cichlids. If it has not changed since I might suggest some driftwood. BN need some wood to rasp on . I would also as suggested earlier make many hiding areas as opposed to the rock formation you posted in earlier photos, You might try some large flat pieces of slate and lean them against or on top of bricks, Clay flower pots also make good hiding areas for fish as well. The more secure the fish are in their ability to hide if needed in different areas in the tank as opposed to just one area the more likely they will explore these different areas.I might also add a couple large airstones back behind some rock where it is not too visible this would also help oxygenate areas that maybe have little water movement. Bristlenose is prolly much smaller than some of your cichlids and will need several areas he can dart to if he feels threatned rather than one spot. He wiil stay close to where he feels safe the more safe areas you can create the more places he as well as your cichlids will explore. Bristlenose also need veggies such as sweet red bell pepper, zuchinni, cucumber, and or romain lettuce once or twice a week. You can put these veggies with the exception of the lettuce in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds let them cool ,and then wrap them around a rock with a rubberband and place them near the BN's resting or hiding spot. try putting it there right after lights out of an evening. You do turn the lights off don't you? Then take the veggies out next morning so as not to foul the water. There are many artificial plants you could use that can be floated on the surface or wedged under or behind rocks so cichlids can't root them up easily and the use of these plants will help your fish to feel more secure which in turn will make them less apt to hide all the time. Remember ,many hiding spots in different areas are better than one in one area. Hope some of this helps. PS cichlids are very good poop producers ,keep a sharp eye on your ammonia levels and perform water changes when needed. This may be twice a week until you observe how much the food you are offering and the poop they are producing affects the ammonia levels. Then by reducing the food you can reduce how much they poo which will help keep ammonia levels under control.

flight50 10-20-2008 12:27 PM

doesn't sound like your giving him his requirements to thrive. I am not sure what type of algae you have but that could be a factor as well.i am not much of a pleco fan so i don't really know a lot of them. like the above post stated, supplement his diet. also check out he diy section for cave creation if you can't find good media to make hiding places. use pvc pipe from like home depot. use aquarium sealant and glue your substract to the pipe to blend in. its natural but not natural. depending on what you intents are for your tank.

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