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Jo 10-18-2008 02:59 PM

Aquarium Lighting?
I have a 250 gal tank (30" tall) with a 1ft canopy on top. What light fixture would you recommend I buy for this type of setup? My concern is the distance from the top of the canopy to to bottom of the tank, it might be to dark at the bottom.

Thanks for the help


Kellsindell 10-18-2008 04:58 PM

this is for fresh water right? i'd go with pc lighting at best. i'd say... 10000k bulbs or the 50/50. make sure it has a decent reflector to get as much light intensity to the bottom. i think a coralife would work well.

iamntbatman 10-20-2008 02:37 PM

The lighting you'd need depends on a lot of factors, the biggest being whether or not you plan on having live plants. If you do keep live plants, 10,000K or 50/50 bulbs aren't much help - you really need bulbs in the 6700K range. Regular fluorescent bulbs, high output, compact really depends on how much you're willing to spend and what types of plants you want to keep.

If you don't plan on having live plants, the lighting doesn't make much difference. Some fish prefer subdued lighting, and some fish (especially catfish) are nocturnal so some sort of LED moon lighting would be great for night-time viewing. Those are just about the only considerations you need to worry about if you don't have live plants.

Jo 10-25-2008 12:05 PM

I went and bought a high output florescent light from Home depot.(2 65 k bulbs)
Do you think that will be enough?
Have'nt put the tank together yet to find out if it is enough.
I can't seem to grow live plants, the ones that do start to take my Pacu pulls them out, so I gave up.
I cannot keep the Irredescent Shark Catfish as they grow too big. I have enough on my plate with one big fish. He seems content with his other smaller tank mates.

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